Bison video




What’s the coded in? Tried to open it in everything I got and it failed, WMP couldn’t find the codec.


Wow… that is an AWESOME video. :eek:

Good work as always.


Me too, my WMP crashed even.


since its labeled “Bison_Special” does that mean your not doing Combo Vids anymore ?


Excellent vid Gunter, very informative. Thanks. Now if I could ever actually get the fence painting down, I might be dangerous. =D


what video codec is used?


Correct. I haven’t made videos for around four months, and I didn’t think I would ever make another one. I only felt compelled to make this one because kcxj was lecturing to me about how to use the record feature in training mode to test combos (as if I didn’t know). He said you can’t retaliate against Hibiki’s B&B, even though everyone around here (especially Buktooth, the resident Hibiki expert who REPRESENTED THE US AT SBO AND USED HIBIKI) knows it’s scissor kick bait…


Hey Gunter,

I really, really want to see your video, especially since I’ve taken up Bison as of late. But, it won’t work for me. Is there some special codec that isn’t part of the basic WMP9 package? I also have DIVX player, but it won’t play it either. Any suggestions?


Do a search on the net for InterView Video Decoder. DL that and you should be able to see the vid.


Ricky Ortiz is back in Cali now. You can ask him what he learned about Hibiki when he was playing against us on the East Coast if you don’t believe me about the three LK’s. Ask Buk if he remembered playing against my friend who used P-Hibiki at EVL too. All I remember is “that’s not massachusetts… grumble… grumble…” :lol:


Ever going to make a Sakura Video?