Bison vs. air throw. what to do?


It’s all in the title;) If i’m fighting guile, chun et al, and they’re air-throw-happy, does bison have anything that’ll reliably beat it in a situation where you’re both jumping towards each other? I tried to set it up in training but the timing makes it tricky; sometimes a normal will stuff the throw, other times i’ll get thrown. Thanks in advance.


Stop jumping because they’re baiting you to jump with projectile. Thats Guile and Chun tactic 101. Air throws have a retarded amount priority in this game, there is nothing you can do except for to work your ground game and force them to do something different. Every time you get tossed in the air, it means they are working their game plan and you are basically thinking “what the fuck, my attack should have more priority, let me try that again” and then you get tossed again. Thats how it goes with air throws. Simple answer: stop jumping and think of something better to do. Always remember that characters like chun, guile, elf, and cammy will always beat you in the air with grabs, so learn to beat them on the ground. Thats part of learning match ups.

One thing you can try though is if you know they’re fishing for air grabs after a projectile, you can ex stomp. That should beat them, but the answer is still to not jump and work your ground game.


Stop jumping, focus on your ground game and FADC fireballs to advance, or just be more patient in your initial approach


Yes, definitely stop jumping.

However, if you bait their jump (i.e. they jump first while you are still grounded) and SEE the whiffed airthrow or attack, then you can respond with jumping strong x1 or x2 and combo into whatever.

I prefer to use j.strong x 1 and then juggle a far standing fierce as they land. It resets them barely off the ground, so you can walk forward or backward at that point and control the spacing you will be at when they land.

Another dirty trick off this setup is to juggle into close standing fierce and cancel it into short scissors. Short scissors, when cancelled off close standing fierce juggle will take you under them as they reset. Its similar to how sakura can reset you with j.short after her launcher and then dash under. Its a nice mixup that is hard to react to (until you have seen it a lot and know what to look for).

But yeah, in the situation you are talking about, he who jumps first, loses.


What makes it so much harder for bison to deal with this rather than other fighters?


Let them jump, and then swat them out of thin air with standing Roundhouse. You jump when they are afraid of you.

For Guile, I try to stay close so I can poke him and stuff. If I stay away, I know there’s a good chance he’ll start throwing booms at me and then comes the downhill battle. Chances are, at this distance, he’s going to do one of few things.
[list][]Throw sonic boom, crouching fierce as you jump over it: Close range
]Throw sonic boom, air throw as you jump over it: Mid range
[*]Throw sonic boom, nonstop: Long range

You really have to build some patience against these “turtles” and find the time to hit them and bait things out like flash kicks. Good luck!

For Chun, I try to do the same, but if she tosses out fireballs I can stay away or jump off because they don’t reach far enough so this forces Chun to get closer which is what I want. Neutral jump (not close enough for her to air throw) and jump back or focus her fireballs.


i love how the list of air throwers completely forgot Claw.

if you expect an airthrow and yo jump, thro the attack out early to stuff them.


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stop jumping. stop spamming headstomp so much.


This, do the J.MP x2 earlier than you would normally. Like throw it out as soon as you jump or a millisecond after.


Also remember: You can space out the two hits of j.strong, so if you blindly throw them both out, you might pay for it…instead, space them out as far as possible. This is a great technique to provide coverage when you need an early air to air, AND don’t want to get thrown on landing IF the other guy didn’t jump.

I don’t recommend jumping in this manner in general, but its a good mixup if used sparingly.

Time the first jump strong immediately after you leave the ground, and the second one just after bison reaches the apex of his jump arc…that second one will hit grounded opponents and allow you to combo into any of his BnBs.


…? I don’t; it tends to get me killed. Thanks for the advice, all.


That’s because he doesn’t have good measures to force Bison to jump. Same goes for Cammy, who can air throw and hooligan throw too but you can punish the latter with sufficient reaction timing and even Ultra it.


You’re forgetting that a Vega player that knows their shit won’t attempt to go air to air with Bison.


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Oh, and if you’re really expecting them to jump op and they’re airthrowing you out of Headstomps, add another kick button and see how they like being kicked in the fucking *face *by Bison’s EX steely heel. (Or shoulder, thigh, knee, ankle, wrist, the boot isn’t picky.)


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