Bison Vs. Gill

Whoever wins, we lose.

Great use of colors. Just lovely.

oh shit thats pretty hot. I’m gonna guess that Bison is avoiding the punch and not getting punched. Because if he did, the fire should cinch his clothes a bit.


Looks really good! :slight_smile:

Good job man. The bg reminds me of a superman batman type of feel. Maybe it’s the buildings. Overall good job.


that shit is fucking fantastic, keep it up lad :smiley:

wickedness. :cool:

I like it but I think it’s a bit Superman esque…


Simply put.


Great job man, I like the ice blade knuckles you gave Gill too, I also like how you used my favorite Bison. CHUNKO BISON!!!:cool:

SNK Forever WTH is in your AV? :lol:

Thanks for all the positive responses, glad you guys like it. But yah, the B.G. does look like metropolis or something and then there’s Bison’s cape and Gill pretty much has the same colour scheme as superman which adds to the overall DCness, oh well. I just thought It’d be cool to have them flying out the side of a building.

good stuff… love the bold colours. Like everyone else, I’m getting the whole Superman vibe.

Bison looks better than Gill, though… Gill feels a bit rushed (excuse me if I’m wrong). I think the blue sky also takes away from the drama of the pic… a more ominous sky would have fit better, imho.

nice pic,

great job on the art.

Cool Colors and Design. Well done.

Damn that is pretty incredible dude. Very, very nice.

Bison looks better than Gill anyway.


damn, that pic is hella sweet, although your bison is suberb!

Thats a cool looking Picture, Great job

Too good… damn, you keep impressing me. Beautiful.

I’m all in for that DC feel, it fits this two Street Fighter misfits. Should’ve drawn a teeny-tiny superman cameo in the corner.

can you do somthing with my art in my thread