Bison Vs. Gill

Whoa, I leave for a week and I get all these responses, nice! Most people seem to be saying they like my bison better than gill. Could it be because of the poor quality of the image? I really had to reduce it in size and quality due to the restrictions of the forum (goddammit!), and for some reason the blue I rendered gill in turned out really blurry compared to everything else, trust me he looks alot better when he’s not so uh… fuzzy. Anyway, thanks again for all the comments.

Yeah Zombie, excellent pic! Real talent there. They both look good, but actually, I like Gill best.

Definately well done. I can see some really great talent and efforts put into this. I really enjoy what’s happening with Bison; I think the bg is a bit futuristic as everyone’s said; I would have had Gill larger proportionally and his left leg is a bit disconnected. Nice style and awesome image overall.

Looks fit for the Street Fighter Comic. Color method?

SFMC’s av- poor Cammy…:o

great work:D

Yeah i really like this pic alot. It definatly has more of an oldschool comic feel, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Great color, great rendering, great composition in general. Just overall a nice pic to look at. Good stuff.