Bison Warp in Mid-air (a dream wish)

I was thinking about changes I’d love to see to to a character that I know would never be done (even if it was carefully balanced.) This was #1 on my list of things I wish were possible.

How do you Bison mains feel about this? I imagine the shenanigans that would be possible with headstomps cancel to warp would be awesome.

He has air warp it’s called Devils Reverse.


Eh…an air teleport would be totally worthless. Sure it would help his mobility a bit but that isn’t Bison’s weakness (he’s already stupid fast) --I’d rather have another setup for landing an ultra.

How about making his normal teleport a bit better instead? Especially the forward punch teleport, there is almost never any reason to use this one. Placing yourself directly behind your opponent just to get punished? Bad idea unless desparate

make his s.fp juggle

I think you mean his cr. FP should juggle – that way you can use it as an anti-air and keep your down-back charge for an ultra. In your case standing FP would have to be a launcher type move.

If Oni is any indication, do not want.

Air warp

Fall into an uppercut

well cr.fp is ok for some setup, so I guess if they make his st.fp launcher when trade (can combo it to scissor or psycho even when trade)
so it can be more interesting…

or give bison an air move like air head stomp (down down kick, it gonna be like elbow drop)