Bison/Yamazaki Q



How come when I use the counter taunt against the psycho crusher sometimes after I get the “connect” animation after the short delay I hit him out of it, and sometimes the connect animation comes out but HE hits ME out of my counter punch?
Sumthing to do with when I activate the move, the button pressed by him me or simple randomness?


Because Bison’s Psycho Crusher hits multiple times and Yamazaki’s counter isn’t fast enough to respond to it.


Yeah, when hit by the Psycho Crusher it hits only one time; however, when blocked it will hit twice (Only if it passes through you though). You need to be careful when using Yama’s counter. Moves that hit multiple times in quick succession will leave you eating the move or trading if you counter (Akuma’s dp, Sagat’s fierce dp, etc.). If you are bent on countering (if you have some set up off the counter or something) the best way to handle this is roll canceling the counter so that the initial hits pass through you due to the invincibility you gain from the RC. Then when the invincibility wears off, they activate the counter with the last possible hit that can connect with you therefore insuring the counter hit to take place (either that or the invincibility of the RC will cause them to whiff entirely in which case you punish accordingly). Otherwise, I recommend that you do not attempt to counter those types of moves.



But then why does the counter work sometimes?
If its useless on the psycho crusher cause its a mulit hit move, why doesnt it get stuffed/trade ALL THE TIME?
Most often, I beat the crusher with it.
I dont have a setup for it or anything, I do it on reaction.
I can do thise cause I play with the same bunch of guys all the time, and know how they think.
Most of the time, at least :stuck_out_tongue:


Hold on a second! I didn’t say that the counter was useless. It is all a matter of positioning. If you anticipated the Psycho Crusher and you stick out the counter and bison hits you with the tip of his hands when he flies at you, then yes (more likely than not) you will counter successfully. The second hit only comes around Bison’s mid-section so if you counter early enough you will be fine. It just depends on the property of the move they are attacking you with. Just experiment to see when and what can and can’t be countered.



I see, thanks.