Hello fellow Dictator players!

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So here is what I notice. There is allot of discussion at times about how Dictator is supposed to be played. Now we all as Bison players know the real deal about his very serious weaknesses that only manifest themselves at high level play. But without focusing on where he falls in the tier list or how bad he really is so we can justify his most needed buffs, let’s talk about the reality of the character as he is and how he should be played.

Many times I see Bison players using dictator in ways that actually clash with the real way the character is supposed to be played. For instance, the above satire is a round about way of talking about a tendency of Bison players to get overly aggressive.

The dilemma Bison faces is that he has poor vertical defense, one the one hand, and lacks ways to open his opponents up. Some think mistakenly that he is a rushdown character, and while this has some merit, he is in reality a pressure character that fishes for mistakes to punish. I see allot of players unable to let off the gas when they are playing Bison because if they do, they know that their opponent will just start jumping in, and then comes the onslaught of frame-traps, SRK’s/reversals -FADC’s, tic-throws, crossups, rinse and repeat, for which Bison has a tough time against and little comback damage potential. Often Bison becomes predictable at this point and a SK or normal is countered for heavy damage resulting in a knockdown - which is bad for Bison. On the other hand, playing a tit for tat poke out game lacks the rick to reward as well and isn’t as safe as it seems.

I have concluded that Bison is about balancing the safe pressure he can deliver, and playing cautiously, while bating out mistakes with feints and what-not.

I was talking ti Happymedicine on youtube and he thought something to the effect that playing Bison is all “about doing as little as possible.”

What are your thoughts?


Pretty much trust my instincts, don’t over think things (it messes with your ability to react), and ultimatly

You must hate everyone you face and let it drive you :stuck_out_tongue:


But see I don’t think its about letting the gate flow through you exactly though. Its more of being stop and go, stop and go, to bait out mistakes. The psychological pressure, if it exists, is on the opponent. Really though there is no need to feel pressured by Bison. When he is close, just use safe moves that interupt Bison’s moves, and you have to guess right. Playing as Bison should be done with a clam mind, or an empty one, if at all possible.


Meant more as a joke but controlled anger can be useful as it gets the adrenaline flowing which can help reactions.

Oh I know he has to hope and pray the other player screws up enough to punish stuff, or gets predictable enough you can win by superior footsies. The problem with trying to bait stuff is that you are dependent on the other player taking the bait and screwing up. Bison can’t keep up pressure for long outside of the corner. He lacks the damage and ways to open people up to be threatening.

One of a few things I hope they address with the update. If he is supposed to bait mistakes and punish, let the punish actually be worth something damage wise or lead to something.


Yes I agree with all this but we must face the reality of the character as he is if we are going to be successful, at least untill that updates comes out.


Lately I’ve been going for the life lead, then backing off and playing boring as hell. For some reason people just don’t know what to do, except Viper players, they still go full retard if they’re not sure. Just gotta play solid footsies, even that corner pressure stuff isn’t what it once was. If they don’t have a dp, or Gief, I guess you can go all out on the pressure stuff. Bison I’ve more or less given up on him, but not really confident enough to use anybody or else, or stick with them long enough.