Bisonology - what's your favourite?

So part of the reason bison is so awesome is due to the many wacky bison-terminologies and pop culture references that are around. My favourite ones are:

-“painting the fence” (PTF) in CVS2
-“The dice roll”, bison must be some kind of professional gambler

and who could forget.
“It was Tuesday” - good luck topping this one!

SO. What is your favourite bison-terminology (bisonology) / pop reference?


Touch of Death ~Super Turbo

“Of course!” - SF movie, can be applied to just about anything.

tuesday. yesyesyes. wakamoto.

“I guess you didn’t see that did you”

Here’s two more:

A fairly wtf moment in the live action movie :smiley:


Pax Bisonica

Bison $$$… well, pretty much anything from the Van Damme/Julia movie really.


Story Mode Guile should have a c. hp on fire (when fighting Bison) as a nod to that scene. :rofl: