Bison's Autoshop #5 Results - Waterloo, ON


1 JS Master
2 Rebelo
3 UltraCalvin
4 Chaos2D
5 Wilson
5 KillaCam
7 Dice01
7 BuddahForce
9 NickCam
9 Bison
9 Teddy
9 Aerials
13 DaDesiCanadian
13 Patrick
13 WTF(Chris)
13 Ian
17 Martin
17 PsychoSupreme
17 HoboJoe
17 Greyhoundbus
17 Tik-Tok
17 Dems
17 Rb_999
17 Alex
25 Ben
25 Turbo2Tone
25 Danvan3000
25 Trite (Forfeited)
25 Trubster
25 StayGold
25 Dabmai
25 QuanDizzle (Forfeited)
33 Tyler
33 Scott

Great Tournament guys, thanks to everyone for coming and to all those that kept watching the stream despite no commentary due to the microphones not working.


Wow no Ehai…


Thanks for another well organized and exciting tournament waterloo! See u guys again soon!


Fuck Blanka.


Did you get the results of the money matches at the tournament? I wanted to see how those guys did. Thanks.


winners are in bold

js master (cammy) vs bison
nickcam vs bison
tat vs killacam (makoto)
Tik Tok vs KillaCam Random Select Drinking Match
Dice01 vs KillaCam Random Select Drinking Match
JS Master (Dhalsim) vs KillaCam (Makoto)

If i missed any please add them


You missed

DaDesiCanadian (A-Chun) vs JS Masters (V-Sakura)


So how did Dems do in the money matches since this was part of the main event? Did he lose or win? Show me the results besides JS Master. Good job to JS Master. I want to try him in the future. Thanks man.


he left early to go party. i took off early and didn’t take any of them. tbh, i went up to see my brother not just for the tournament. being that there was still a lot of time left and i was starving and wanting to party, i left early.