Bisons Autoshop casuals on Thursday or Friday?

I’ve started this poll to gauge interest for possibly adding one more day to the week where people can come for casuals. Right now, I would only be able to choose between adding Thursdays and/or Fridays. Please take the poll so we can see what you guys would like to have happen. You can select just one or both choices.

Hours would be from 3pm to 10:30pm for the additional day(s)

I’ve also been thinking about extending the hours on Wednesday from 3pm to 10:30pm also, and will be starting a trial period for 3pm start time this week. So stay tuned guys.

I uncomfortably clicked a link that said ‘click here to take the poll’.
I’m down with earlier start times. Some days I’d like to leave early from work and play games :stuck_out_tongue:

starting earlier sounds good :stuck_out_tongue: