Bison's Autoshop SSFIV Tourney #6- Enter MvC3 - Waterloo, ON - Feb 26th


Due to overwhelming demand, marvel vs capcom 3 will now be the main event at this tournament. While it is too late and unfair to change the price for entry, we will be chanigng the prize of the hori stick to be rewarded to the winner of mvc3 instead of super street fighter 4

Bisons Official SSF4+MvC3 Tournament: #6 , Feb 26th, Waterloo, ON

Same old venue same old SSFIV tourney. This time however, the newly released MvC3 tourney will make an appearance. Will reigning and 5 time champion JS Master be able to hold his crown in SSFIV again, and who will become the first Autoshop MvC3 champion!?


February 26th, 2011

100 Lodge St.,
Lakeshore Motors
Waterloo, Ontario

Super SF4 (Xbox 360)
MvC3 (Xbox 360)

6-8 stations on lagless ASUS VH236 Monitors
*New* Player Cam to go along with HD stream + Recording (Sound issue will be fixed this time :)) for hype matches + all top 8 for each game

Stations Open for casuals once tournaments near completion 

1st- 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd- 10%
*Real Arcade Pro VX SA has now been added to the MvC3 pot. Winner will get his choice of a PS3 or XBOX 360 version* [Real Arcade Pro VX SA](

Furthermore, these sticks will be for sale at the tournament courtesy of Hibikster:

Registration begins at 1:00 pm
SSFIV begins at 2:00 pm --> Set in stone! We can't loaft on this one due to time constraints! If not at Autoshop by 2 pm and paid your money you will not be in SSFIV. Simple as that. Marvel is looking to be pretty big can't do top player loaft for SSFIV this time sorry guys!
MvC3 begins at 4:00 pm

Super SF4 (xbox 360)
$10 entry
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games for Winner's + Loser's + Grand Finals (subject to change)
Top 8 seeding based on player rankings + region seeding (best we can)

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (xbox 360)
$5 entry (New game, everyone's a newb and urged to try it hence the lower price tag)
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games for Winner's + Loser's + Grand Finals (subject to change)
Seeding only based on Region...sorry no seeding for Waterloo's only MvC2 Champ Teddy Bauza!

SITE FEE ($10)
*SPECTATORS* will still be required to pay the $10 entrance fee. Entrance fee gives you free casuals whenever the stations allow. Sorry for anyone this may inconvenience and just wanted to come by to check the place out. 

Gary. N
gsxtacy aka KillaCam

Website: Bison’s Autoshop
The stream address is :
All streamed matches will be made available at: YouTube - bisonsautoshopdotcom’s Channel


I’ll help direct brackets since its probably goign to be more difficult to get MVC3 and 4 going at the same time.


I’d definitely enter both games, esp at the discounted price.


Personally I will be down for both. After all, it is nice to get 0wned new and different ways…I think. o_o


Will be there for both.


Will be there for Marvel, I might enter 4 too but Marvel will take priority.

Also, will the games be split and run simultaneously or will we do one and then the other?


Mvc3 tourny.
i wonder if simple mode will be allowed lool.


I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, you’re handicapping your character in exchange for easier execution. You are aware that you don’t get access to all of your moves in Simple, right?

Also, I’m happy to help out any way I can with making MvC3 the best tournament possible. Brackets, stream, whatever.


put me in for sf


I’d like to partake in both.


wow I’m surprise Waterloo didn’t steep down low again and double booked on El-taco tourney date


I will be there for both.


I’ll be in for both and up to run MVC3 brackets!


You motherfuckers have an uncanny ability to schedule events on UFC fight nights. I better get bodied ASAP so I can catch the show.


UFC producers have the nerve to schedule a fight on the night of Bison’s Autoshop Tourney? those mother fuckers.


I was thinking of coming and inviting my friend as well… He doesn’t play fighting games, but would have paid 5 bucks to hang out and play the MvC3 tournament. I doubt he’ll pay 15 bucks though, and I’m not sure I want to pay 25 since we’ll both get knocked out in the first round or two.

We’ll see what time it starts though, because we’d mostly come for casuals anyway since we won’t be winning anything. I’d like to try out MvC3 still, so it’ll depend on how much time we can just mess around for.


Prize info update!


Times updated. Note earlier start time than normal!

Also see Hori sticks for sale courtesy of Hibikster


Yo hibikster! save me a stick 360.


invite all your friends we need POT MONSTERS!!!