Bison's combo into cc

can any of u list combo’s that bison can cc off afterwards like…

c.lp,c.lp, mk scissors? CC? and then wat?


c.LP, c.LP, s.LK xx MK scissors… activate, [s.LP, HK scissors], [s.HK, HK scissors] x n (to the corner), s.HP, paint

air to air j.MP x 2, land, superjump forward… activate, [j.HK, j.HK, j.HK], HK scissors (to put opponent in corner), s.HP, paint


air to air j.MP x 2, land, superjump forward… activate, [j.HK, j.HK, j.HP] x n (to the corner), s.HP, paint

Going straight to HK scissors puts the opponent in the corner faster, and as a result will get you around 1500 more total damage. But it’s easy to mess up if your distancing judgement isn’t accurate.

Using j.HP pops the opponent up higher and is thus more safe, but you’ll do less damage in the long run.

Isn’t there a thread on this stuff already? I swear this is like the 5th time I’ve seen this exact same thread with the exact same question… :lol:

there is oops sorry mods thx kcxj for the info :slight_smile:

paint daht sh!t:cool:

use m.p. twice to do a double hit in the air…but dont rush on the second m.p…u will be on the floor while the the other player will still be in the air…then use mega pysco crusher…works all the time:p

Yeah, that mega psycho crusher CC is CRAZY!!


what you mean by paint (sorry if this sounds noob)

hahahaha paint = dp fp kinda like shosho’s man