Bison's Legacy


A female figure clad in a dark blue, form-fitting military uniform stood over a body on the ground. Her youthful face showing no emotion as she looked down at a fallen figure. She looked no older than sixteen. Her orange hair was cut short with her bangs swept to the right side of her face. At her feet was that of a girl on slump, wearing a similar outfit, but sky blue and with the legs left bare. The chamber they are in looks like something that came out of a movie. It’s a wide, circular chamber filled scientific equipment.

Scattered across the room are similar sights. Surrounding them are eleven others, clad in the same dark blue uniform. They are armed with assorted weapons, ranging from spears to guns.

“As for the rest of you…” Bison glances at the rest of the dolls. At her. He had a look of distaste, something she has never seen before when he looked at her. Then he spoke the words that will remain in her memory forever.

You can die now, at my command.

These words seared into Juni’s mind and drove a dagger into her heart. Her mind reeled, stunned at what she just heard her master, her Sir Bison, said. Juni watches as he turns away to deal with intruders. Dozens of question ran through her head:

Why did you say that?
Was I not loyal?
Have I not lived to your expectations?

These thoughts and more sends Juni’s consciousness into turmoil. But even as it threatens to break down, none of them showed in her expressions. She is a Doll. An enhanced soldier. A tool to be used. Her face was a blank slate and her body steady, conditioned through malicious brainwashing, extreme training, artificial augmentations, and infusions of Psycho Power.

…Class A emergency. Class A combat status activated…! she heard herself say.

Yet behind the mask as one of Bison’s Dolls is a soul that truly cares about her master, adores him. She is willing to do anything for him. Because of this, she didn’t resist the conditioning that turned her into an enhanced soldier. Her devotion was twisted to the point that it borders on the fanatical. It didn’t matter to her, as long as she can stay at the side of Sir Bison.

Is it because I’m conscious?