Bisons mega psycho crushaaa



eyyy does anyone know how to combo into this super? i havent been able to do any yet and i think i should learn thanx adios!


** Hobo-Joe**

You can combo his super phyco crusher off of his B&B combo - c.lp, c.lp,, scissor kick , but instead of the scissor kick, do the pycho crusher. But, because you will be so close, i think a level 3 scissor kick super will do more damage. If you do the pycho crusher too close, not all the hits get in for some reason and does less damage.

Or you can just link the crusher or the scissor kick super off of a c.fp.


His b&b combo uses his medium kick, not light kick, but it does combo into the supers. The Mega Psycho crusher does more damage dependind on character size and position.


bison most hurting combo is jump in hk, c.lp,c.lp,, then “mega phyco crusher”.

no. bison b&b combo is jump in hk,s.short x4,knee press. thats how its done.

r.strom: you should know, i always do that combo on you with bison.


You can also combo it in the corner if you land j.MPx2.


actually, his knee press nightmare does more damage.


actually, his knee press nightmare does more damage.

really?..i always thought psycho crusher did…cool


oh well you get the point.:smiley:


You can combo it off of his Alpha Counter.


P Groove

Just use him in P Groove (Ex. Groove with Parries) And charge, then when a shoto or someone throws out a haduken, gaduken, etc. (if it’s fierce punch/kick version) keep charging back, then parry, then back, then forward then feirce punch, I use this very frequently with my P Groove team (M. Bison, Blanka and of course Balrog)


In case yall didnt know you can combo this super off his Charge down, up punch move… Most people dont know about it and it makes for a big surprise when you land it :).


You can combo it off his counter, j.mpx2, and his B&B. I saw on the Sai-rec video on gamecombos Bison do it after a Knee Press! As for which super does more damage, the Knee press does more on smaller characters, while the Psycho crusher super does more on big characters because they take a shitload of hits.


Here is a little trick I use, it works great but requires a little practice cause u need to do it quite fast. Do a Fierce punch while holding downback and leave ur finger on it (the firece punch that is) and don’t let go… then quickly do forward,back,forward and let go of the fierce punch. Works like a charm, by holding down the button rather than letting go and pressing again for the super prevents u from doing a normal psycrusher if u don’t do it fast enough. Well try it out and tell me how it goes.