Bisons of PS3

I know this is a weird request, but as a Guile player I still tend to struggle with the Bison matchup quite a lot. I would like to play Bisons of all skill levels and just get to learn the matchup. And you guys get to practice on the guile match i guess? Thanks for trying.
My PSN is TheAsianCupcake
Just send me a friend request and tell me that you play Bison

edit: im on xbawks, you can also try this thread in addition to this one:

LOL im serious its okay

enough of the trolling me. someone add me?

It’s been awhile since I’ve played. I don’t consider myself to be anything special but add me and we can play. I usually log in around 6-7pm est. PSN is same as username.

sounds good i’ll add you later

skaterz? Where you play from? I have the PS3 ver but PSN is usually laggy as hell so I stick on XBL

Im Canadian man. you?



I’m on psn rarely, like once or twice per version. No reason to play online for me since we have a couple arcades with sf4 cabs in Seattle. Canada has a couple cabs too, did you guys get the update for 2012?

Ruthless_Brothaz hit me up