Bison's Q&A Thread: Ask here before making new threads!

**This thread is for short, simple, beginner’s, and miscellaneous questions, not to mention whatever might be on your mind like “does Bison have pupils in SF4?” ** There are a lot of new Bison users since SSF4 launched and we’re getting an influx of unnecessary new threads. Questions like ‘What do I do after a blocked scissor kick?’ are absolutely legitimate and perfectly good questions, but they can be answered in stickied threads, other threads addressing the same issue, or are too short and simple to spur any lengthy and meaningful discussion. I browsed some other character specific forums and it looks like we’re one of the only ones to not have a stickied Q&A thread. I already tried to make one before, but hopefully this one does the trick.

Many of the other O&A threads use it as a hub for other stickied threads and also update the first post with relevant questions that have been answered and although Psycho Fundamentals has a lot of good info in the first couple posts, it seems like it’s not going to get updated anytime soon. I’ll just go ahead and reserve a few posts in case people want me to compile a full on Q&A. Take a look at some of the other Q&A threads in the character forums and see if you guys want me to update later in a similar vein.

If your question can be answered in these stickied threads, go there first! Not sure? Don’t hesitate to ask whatever is on your mind here! Also, if you’re having trouble finding your answer through the search function or are not feeling up to wading through posts to find something, use this as a quick alternative! *

Important/Stickied Threads:

Bison Combos
Match-ups & Strategy

Bison Frame Data
Psycho Fundamentals

Psycho Punisher Uses

General Punishing

Bison Videos
Bison Video Criticism
SSF4 Bison Hitboxes
Bison Option Selects

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SRK Bison Directory



This thread is top tier.

A+ thread

I was trying to use the Search Thread dropdown to search the matchup for any posts on Ryu and I guess it will always say no results if the search term is only 3 characters. This might help others wanting to do this, go to settings and set it to show up to 10K posts per thread and use your browser’s find option. I was able to answer my question doing this

This thread does Dictator and his enthusiasts justice.

If I may say, I don’t approve of the “use the search” advice because in my opinion, it sucks. I’m talking about the search engine of course.

^ Me too, the search function is weird as hell. I went to the Sagat forums asking about safe tiger knee loops to see if they were still viable and when I put it as ‘display as posts’ all that came up was threads. maybe I’m missing something but shouldn’t it have come up as posts, just like I checked off on the advanced search options? Weird.

I honestly only made the thread because I got jealous browsing other ones. It’s not like theirs are any neater but at least they have a Q&A thread!

BTW I made an avy like yours a long while ago! Psycho Raiden Shot FTW! Too bad they didn’t give him a Raul Julia Bison outfit as his alt, cape and all. I don’t know if it was on purpose but The XBoX live battle menu has a skinny faced Bison and he looks a lot like an SF4, cartoonish rendition of Julia!

lol laud your thread isnt working… :frowning:

Why do I feel like stickying this thread will get this LESS views? Its like they all skip the stickied threads and if there question isnt answered in the first 3 threads, they make their own topic.

All the Bison’s in here that know wtf they are talking about should bouqot any thread that is made that is definity answered in one of the stickies. Maybe if we don’t acknowledge the threads they make they will figure it out quicker…

you know i thought about that too. if they ignore the stickied threads to begin with, why would they bother with a Q&A one?

I noticed something about the other character forums too. They all have Q&A threads stickied at the top but have their abundance of unnecessary threads as well. It’s just pointless I guess.

i think it’s cuz the front page of stickies don’t have all the basic info they are looking for. the problem w/ stickies is that the person who makes it is under a crapload of responsibility to keep it updated with all the info at the front page, but of course it’s not possible. people do tend to read those long guide stickies i think. the truth is alot of the answers that aren’t on those front pages are buried in those 20 pages after the front pages, and everyone is just too lazy to look at it all. and i think the search function of srk is fucked up sort of too, so it makes the problem even worse.

anyways not that i’m saying that useless threads are okay. i just think the above reasons are why it’s happening. it might help if our “bison fundamentals” page was updated a bit with some recent strategy or just some basic answers to these common questions on the front page. after all, answers to “what should I do after a blocked sk”, or “what are bison’s standard b&b mixups” really should be on the front page of the fundamentals anyway.

anyways, since this is Q&A… one question i had was that a while ago someone posted up how to safejump ryu and other 3 frame moves with the jumping hk. has anyone been using it consistently? wonder why i don’t even see it in any matches on youtube, or maybe i’ve just been missing them. has this setup been working on other new characters that have similar srk reversals on wakeup?

^ you cant safe jump the shotos except sagat,

but you can space and time your jump in fierce to BEAT Ryu’s reversal DP’s of all strengths. not trade, but flat out BEAT. Shit RULES. if you get it down, it’s free pressure off of throws and IMO it’s easier to setup than regular true safe jumps.

no no, check it out here:

it’s off of a back throw after stepping back, making use of some of the hitbox properties of the and a very meaty attack. credit to zeno

wait, wait… beat as in Bison’s attack hits Ryu out of DP, or beat as in Bison’s attack makes Ryu’s DP whiff?

As a sidenote, I fucking HATE safe-jumping off a forward throw. I get inconsistent results because I find myself unable to reproduce the stupidly specific walk required to safejump. I know that you gotta like, walk forward until Bison’s feet just about come together. But if they come so close together that they touch, Guy is Hurricaning you or Balrog is nailing you with EX Upper. And if they don’t come together enough, you’re whiffing your jump-in and your opponent is tripguarding you. Shit is a finnicky bitch.

Really? I didn’t know this! Hmmmm how do I go about practicing this in training mode so I can practice and get a feel for it? does this also work for his EX DP?

Makes EX DP whiff.

In Vaniller, this setup used to BEAT as in STUFF, completely hit Ryu’s lp DP when he was still on the ground allowing you to complete a combo. I forget what exactly happened against strong DP but I remember some weird stuff. Fierce and EX DP’s would WHIFF entirely, allowing you to throw again and set up the jump yet again. In Super however, I have yet to figure out a way to make it like vanilla. Instead, all DP’s get beaten clean but RESET. So you hit their reversals absolutely clean but not when they’re grounded so they do the flip in the air. 100 percent guaranteed. The EX DP just whiffs.

If they do nothing you hit and can continue pressure.

I should make a video but I don’t have the tools to do so. My advice would be to setup training mode so that you are Ryu and Bison is the dummy. Record Bison doing a forward throw, hold forward and allow Bison to walk a bit, maybe about a cycle and a half so Bison will close his legs as he gallops, then open, then when they begin to close again, jump. You want to time your jump so it hits them on the TIP of their head. So as EARLY as possible. There are timings/spacings for this setup that might beat lp DP and fierce DP but not mp DP. There is a universal setup though and will beat all three.

I’ts very easy once you get it down but you’re going to want to practice every so often so you don’t get rusty on it. It’s a very important tool. I believe it works against Ken to some extent as well. I think it’s just a trick of spacing and timing plus hitbox interaction but very very useful. Remember you want to hit the top of their heads as they rise, but when you’re up in the air and about to push the button they’ll be in the middle of their wakeup animation. you need to approximate and learn the spacing.

ok thanks laud I’m gonna get on that ASAP…

Is there a trick to landing a combo then fadc and continue the combo? I can’t seem to keep my combo going most of the time I fadc.