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Thanks man. I do get a lot of mileage out of crouch strong, because for some reason people absolutely love to push buttons afterwards. I’m not really interested in the close fierce counter-hit setup for practicality, I just really love how flashy it looks and how satisfying it feels when it actually works. I’ve actually spent a lot of time in training mode learning to hit confirm into low forward xx hk.scissors, it’s just been difficult to not get blown up by jabs and shorts like you pointed out.


Thanks for reply

What is Footsie ?

Im new to game,Just know basic combo from Trial

Can you give example Footsie with Bison Move

Thank you.


Videos are probably the best way to explain. Not something that can be said in so many words.


Thank You sir

If anyone want to know how to play Bison

Bison should play like this :smiley:


Does anyone know the frame advantage on ex scissors fadc forward on block please?

I thought we were plus but I keep getting jabbed out of my short against boxer.


Bison is +0 after scissors fadc on block. It doesn’t matter if it’s EX or non-EX.


Cheers bud. I had kinda worked it out in training but I’ve been hitting counter hit shorts against boxer of late now as I think I have the timing locked down now and perhaps my mate doesn’t.


I do have a question in regards to grapplers (Gief, T.Hawk, Hakan). I’ve noticed in matches when I try 4 cr. LK xx Scissors or 2cr.lp, into lk xx Scissors, that they always seem to grab me with there 360 grabs before the combo is finished. Do their grabs have advantage over just a simple LP or LK?


Cr short to scissors isn’t a true block string meaning it can be interrupted by reversals. Stick to pokes outside spd range and punish as hard as you can when you see anything unsafe.

Remember gief and hawk can ultra badly spaced scissors now too so be careful throwing it out as a spacing tool.

#1392 xx lk scissors is a true blockstring, but the part before that isn’t.

If you want a true blockstring against reversals, use cr.lp, close lp, xx lk scissors


Thanks guys. Grapplers have been giving me trouble


Long time lurcker first time poster. I’m not new to street fighter but I’m trying to take the game more seriously than before. Usually when I understand the mechanics and how things work I can grasp a better mindset of what my opponent wants to do. So my questions are:

What are my options with Bison against characters like Dudley who can bully you with high priority normals and advantage? Seems like I can play footsies all Match long but he will eventually get that overhead or frame trap me. I keep trying to challenge some of his buttons during his string to no avail. I feel like everything Dudley does against Bison is safe, but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.

How do I fight the Fuerte match up? It feels like he controls the pace of match since he is not threatened by how much damage I can punish him on his unsafe moves.


Does anyone know the frames for bison level 1 focus dash forward is on block thanks


Yeah its -1.


Yep -1 level 1. +5 level 2.


Hello all i wanna pick up bison but i dont know a thing about. Him. Its hard for me do most of his combos that have any thing to do with it ending in SK or PC. For example cr lp St lp cr mk xxSk or something like that my question is when should i start holding down back to start charging for the Sk/PC? Im reallly starting to like bison but knowing when to hold down back while doing a combo is really getting on my nerves and hard to do . Am i missing something ? Is their some trick to it or does it just come down to me needing more practice .thanks


Having trouble dealing with fighting M Bison.

I’m pretty familiar with most match ups in SFIV but Bison has always ticked me off. Hes very SAFE on nearly everything he does and i find although hes -2 on block after LK scissor I still cant manage to take advantage of anyone who either randomly spams lk scissor or does random ex psycho crusher. Some characters I play really cant do much about those moves.

I play Akuma, Dudley, and I try to use Ryu as well against Bison and not having much luck. Cr MK loses hard to scissor, i cant chuck plasma because ex scissor, and his footsie game is very good w st mk and hk. I also hate the fact that i cant punish EX psycho and he can do it for free on wakeup to get a free get out of jail card.

His hell driver charge move also does well against Akuma and Dudley as they lack air to air options.

TLDR: How can i punish Bisons mistakes better? Any ideas or advice?



If Bison is moving forward, focus attack is good against him, he has no normals that hits twice.

Learn the spacing that LK.SK hits once at and focus attack at that range.

With Akuma use C.HK as a footsie tool against Bison as from most ranges its safe, you will duck under his S.HK. Yes you will get hit and trade against S.MK alot but you got a lot more reward off C.HK as it leads to Akuma’s mix up. If Bison starts using focus to counter sweep, use S.HK to break his focus.

Ex.PC can be punished by Dudley with reversal MP.MGB. He can also punish it with rolling thunder ultra.

Dudley can’t play footsies with Bison but his command hard punch is good because it has so many active frames. C.MK will also duck under Bison’s S.HK.

Ryu can punish EX.PC with super.

Outside of that Ryu and Akuma can OS jump back or just jump back as a read to counter EX.PC

If Bison has not meter OS on wake up with tatsu or machine gun blow to catch back dash or teleport.

When he meter mix up your OS between tatsu and DP ( to counter EX.PC).


I’m new to high-level Street Fighter, and I can’t seem to connect x 4 into lk/mk sk . I am only able to connect x 4 into EX sk. What could be the problem? Any tips?

EDIT: I could do it. In case other beginners come here asking for tips, here’s what I did: I finally found a use for this release check thing, so, to cancel the fourth into lk sk, I held the button and released it (held it for an instant, almost as if I were just tapping it). To cancel into mk sk, I just cancelled it really really fast. I thought I was doing it as fast as possible before, and that’s why I asked the question, but now I realized you can always be faster, he he.


Kinda searching the M.Bison threads to know how to fight against him. I kinda find him a tricky character to fight. Also, my friend mains him would like to get some tips. I mainly use Ryu, and am trying to learn E. Ryu at the moment. One of the things bisons do that really annoy me is the stomp and the devils reverse. I always get hit by it.