Bison's SSF4 Tourney 3: NO JS Edition - Waterloo,ON 08/21/10 Cash+ Custom TE prize

Another month, another successful tournament approaches. Come play at arguably the best venue Canada has to offer. With JS in another country, a new champion of waterloo will be crowned.

EDIT: Since everything has been secured, first place will also be awarded a custom TE stick with Custom Bison’s Autoshop Artwork underneath a Tek innovations plexi.

August 21st
100 Lodge St.,
Lakeshore Motors
Waterloo, Ontario

Super SF4 (Xbox 360)

6+ stations on lagless lcd monitors
Full ustream and recording station

other stations set up for casuals

1st- 70%
2nd - 20%
3rd- 10%

Registration begins at 1:30
Tournament starts at 3:30

Super SF4 (xbox 360)
$10 entry
double elimination tournament
2 out of 3 games per match
3 out of 5 games per semi final match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

SITE FEE ($10)

Gary. N
gsxtacy aka KillaCammy

EDIT: The stream address is :
All streamed matches will be made available at:

a tourney without JS at waterloo… now people will give a damn about watching the Grand Finals


OMG Secret Prize!?

Secret prize is UberJohnson sex tape.
Alternatively, secret prize could be Bill307 commentates your next bowel movement.

It’s an autoshop man, winner obviously gets to demolish an old car to the theme of street fighter music in the parking lot…

guiles theme does go with everything

First post has been edited to reveal the additional prize for 1st place

Goddamnit. I better start practicing harder.

dude, the 21st is my bday

Great name for a tournament.

I’ll bring cupcakes with sprinkles on them!
Adrian, bake mike a batch of “brownies” :slight_smile:
I’ll bring a special pink one for wilson cause I know its his favourite.

Greek, you better be coming. You know you want a shot at that Bison stick.

That’s a pretty good prize man!!!

I might come to cuss people out. It’s far enough away where I can’t outright say no.

I’ll be there :slight_smile:

Phils… need i say more?

I’m officially a 50/50 for this event which is a 50% increase from yesterday

i’ll try to make it too, the stick looks pretty sick.

New champion… wtf are you guys talking about im right here

anyways im assuming because i’ve been 1st then a series of 2nd places at waterloo

you should just give me the stick now because i really want a TE

so i can replace the stolen TE from MTL

we need to put up that hype video gary uploaded a while back

Edit: [media=vimeo]12607772[/media] it is

Aerials, you play Street Fighter too?

Hope you can make it out. :slight_smile: