Bitch Makoto, what's her teir?

After realizing that my friend will never admit to the fact that Makoto is without a doubt a beastly character with many advantages, i am forced to make a thread to hopefully put an end to our ongoing argument, and make him realize the truth.

He, being a Mokoto user himself, tries to act as though Makoto is just your average teir character. yea right!!

I got her bitch ass at top teir, he has her at MID TEIR!! :wow:

What do you guys think, Top? Mid? in between?

Top mid, actually. She’s not top tier (Chun, Yun, and Ken take that one), but she’s just below them. There are a crapload of tier threads around here, just search for them.

She also has wildcard status kinda… you guess wrong, peace out.

If she can get in your face and mix you up, you’re fucked.

ultradavid hit the nail on the head. she’s not top tier (with ken, chun, yun), but right below them (alongside urien and dudley).

in japan, i believe they might have her with ken, chun, and yun, but i don’t know…

That is true, she’s probably not in the same bracket as ken, yun, and chun, but she sure as hell aint mid-tier. She’s definetly not with the likes of Alex(a solid mid tier chr), which my friend tried to tell me she was.

Makoto is in a tier of her own.

Random tier.

^Hahahhaha. I like bullshit tier better.

She should be right on the bottom of Yun, Ken, and Chun.

Makoto has ta be played ‘UME’ to be a REAL top tier.

She can deal SH*TLOADS of damage, and even MORE STUN.

only problem is… she ain’t got no SOLID / CONSISTENT game plan.

but I LOVE her nonetheless =)

SO fucking true. Against Ken it’s either take him out big, or don’t take him out at all. I love how a reactive Ken can just shut her down at will :xeye:

Funny thing is that random shit will shut down Makoto’s dash-ins. So kinda like, random shit vs. random shit :tup:

She’s the only character (CPU and Human) that I have a very hard time beating! Against Alex vs Makoto and Dudley vs Makoto who has a better advantage?

alex … he’s dead

dudley , still able to beat the crap out of her .

oh really

rape my bandwidth if you want =)


That makoto was mean:P Though even IF 3s has tiers, I wouldn’t pay attention to them. Because if you look at gvision’s ranking battles you see all the mid and low-tier stuff showing up, and regulary beating the shit out of the top-tier(Frankie3s,YSB,KSK, name it…).

Tiers exist, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Kinda like how Asians will always have small penises.

Sweet Jesus… poor guy couldn’t even do anything.

the “poor guy” is Kokujin. Not exactly a random Dudley scrub.

Makoto is huge bs. :mad:

KSK ranbats are full of Chun and Yun players, and the win quite often

so while some mid-low tier pop up and do well, top tier superiority is pretty clear overall

(though Ken is almost missing recently… w t f???)

Ken has been missing in nearly any ranking battle, and the Kens in there don’t even do well. The top-tier you’re talking about are the likes of AFM and Nuki. Nuki to begin with was Daigo’s teammate in SBO3 qualifiers, so I’m not surprised that he is doing well. But then again, I think that has more to do with the fact he probably practices a lot more against daigo then any other player rather then that he is a Chun user.

According to Japan:

  1. Yun
  2. Makoto
  3. Chun Li
  4. Ken
  5. Yang/Dudley/Urien/Gouki As mid tier