Damn, I missed the boat on this one. Should have bought some 1 year ago and would have won a 12:1 bonus. Last year is was $50, now it’s $600!!!

Very lucky guy.

Money is just an unnecessary idea, literally. We should just share things and make things for the sake of ourselves and others.

FUCK THAT SHIT! Dolla Dolla bills yall!

Money is pointless.

How are bitcoins worth money? Did they somehow stop everyone from farming them?

How is Bitcoin worth anything when it doesn’t even exist? What kind of bullshit is that?

One of those times when being an early adopter literally pays off

We don’t need money.

Could you give me all of your money then?

Bitcoin as I understand it right now has nothing to be spent on; Silk Road was shut down so there are no major markets for it. Plus one ‘coin’ costs hundreds now.

You only put value on nothing which is Bitcoin with your own mind. Value is just an idea.

Again, fancy sending me all your money? If you have no use for it I’ll use it

Then why pay for your internetz? Could send your money to Globalteer and help this little guy:

I have no money.

Soon the concept of money will be over since all people will realize that it is just a form of control.

Money based economics is the biggest scam of all time.

Your new schtick is garbage.

It rules everything around us and is a source of power and respect to D-bags.

Could say the same thing about the dollar.

This thread is fucking stupid. And for what might be the very first time, it ain’t OP’s fault.

LOOOL, Valaris’ last comment in this…