Bitkid's House - SF4 in Emeryville


Anyone in Berkeley, Oakland, Emeryville that wants to come to play SF4 with my at my house during the week is welcome to come over. I would like to get maybe 5 people max over if possible. My house isn’t too big and I only have PS3. Usually I just play with Chrisis a couple times a week but we need more competition on a regular basis. I get home from work around 7PM every day so any time after that till midnight.
Beer is always good, and I’m down to order some pizza or something too.

Anyway, my name is Paul and I’ve been over at the Cannery in Oakland a couple times. Post interest in this thread or PM me.


Posts interest Wow, you’re starting to get hype on week days then aren’t you? I fully condone these actions!


Street Fighter 4 get hype son.




Aghhhhh! Is that going to be like the so pringles of SFIV?


I mainly just want to get a few ppl together who might live pretty close by so we can have more regular practice sessions. I know that Akata had mentioned he lived in Berkeley but that he only had a 360 stick or something. I only have PS3 right now.


Bitkid? More like SHIT-KID!

J/K Bitkid is too nice.


He can use the power of my shadowblade biyatch!


Come on ppl games tomorrow evening at my house. Around 7:30ish till like midnight or 1.


I’m in with the almighty shadowblade! Now that you’re lagless though I’m kinda screwed.


Hey Paul,

Are you busy on Fridays?
Maybe Nick and I could stop by for some games sometime if you’d like, let me know whats up mayne.



Fridays I think I’ll be booked now. Got a different thing I be goin’ to on fridays. Saturdays and Sundays is chill tho…or any other day in the week besides Friday :p.


anything happening tonight?


I can’t do it tonight, my housemate is doing her cello lessons in my house tonight.
Looks like people are starting to express interest so I think I’ll get a couple nights going next week if anyone is interested.