Bits for button holes


Hi im having trouble finding a 30mm hole saw or spade bit to drill the holes in my panel for my buttons any help?


The type of bit you’re looking for is a forstner bit. I don’t know if hole saws come as small as 30mm and I feel like forstners are stronger than spades.

I remember ordering mine off the internet. I just couldn’t find one in stores.


Haha. I used a hand drill and a hole saw bit on my first plexi project. Was the right size, but due to the amount of teeth, the heat generated and how weak the teeth were (They were prone to bending) the holes were pretty shit and inaccurate. It was all I had available, though. It was super-ghetto and I ended up taking a file to the holes because they weren’t big enough to fit 30mm buttons, and the 24mm holes were either too big or too small.

It really didn’t feel like it was designed for plexi. So there’s a first hand account of mega-fail with hole saw bits. Go forstner.


I used these:
Probably not the highest quality, but cheap and worked fine for my project.


I need a power drill/driver recommendation.

I’m looking to use a 1 3/8 step bit to widen the joystick hole in an HRAP3 and also eventually to place 1 3/8 inch holes in one to two inch solid wood.

The drill capacity of a few drills I’m looking at is around 1 inch for wood, and obviously less than that for metal. Is this a strict number I should adhere to, or can I get away with not worrying about those specs?

Would these drills work?

I’m just not sure what minimum power rating I should be looking for.


I ordered these cheapies off eBay and they have been doing the trick so far. I have used them in MDF, poplar, and plexi with good results on all.

30mm bit :

24mm bit: