Bizarre Creations being shut down by Activison

I had no idea where to post this. I was thinking of posting this in the old Blur thread, but this concerns an entire developer as opposed to a single game.

Bizarre Creations closes its doors this Friday | Joystiq

It’s a shame too because I was a major fan of their titles. Project Gotham Racing, Geometry Wars, and Blur. I thought they were great games, but I felt it would have benefited if they released Blur at a later date. It was a bad idea to release it at the same time as Split Second and NFS: Shift.

Anyways, discuss

Sad news, Activision definately screwed them over with the Blur release date, had nothing to do with the type of game or the target market. Bizarre were one of the most talented development companies, and Activision didn’t respect them enough. I don’t know why MS didn’t save them, but the relationship between the two seemed very different when they were making PGR4, it didn’t get anywhere near the same level of support PGR3 got, but maybe that was because of Halo 3.

So fuck you Activision :tup:

and good luck Bungie :tup:

Meanwhile, Zynga stays in business another day.

I feel bad for not having played PGR4 ever, PGR3 was a blast with the high-end supercars…

Must sacrifice checker pieces in a Chess game!

But Split/Second was like, better in every way.

It was sort of like the (A)NBA Live/(B)NBA 2k11 scenario before NBA Live folded. I know A is fine and I can great fun with it, but B just blows it out of the water in every way possible.

I hope Bizarre’s people can find a new home, they certainly have the talent.

PGR got cast aside once Forza started whupping ass. PGR was just a decent drift game more than anything, anyways. Blur needed more time and refinement, and obviously a better release date.

PGR3 was a launch title, 4 was not.

guess they should have agreed to do dat Modern Warfare like a good little Activision Devision.

Not every company that gets bought out by Activision has to automatically be obliged to do a COD title. I know you want to joke around, but that is seriously not funny. Bizarre is/was a very talented UK developer. I sincerely hope they form another studio

I have not played 007 Blood Stone, so I can’t comment on that, nor do I really intend to . It looked seriously underwhelming from the trailers I saw.

Different strokes I guess.

And holy shit Bungie IS with Activision now. I remember when Infinity ward was doing it’s thing with MW1 but then Activision got more involved with MW2. And we all know what happened to IW…

Watch your ass, Bungie.

Damn I hope this doesn’t mean no more Geometry Wars. Wackness.

It didn’t have enough replayability. You saw the explosions, and towers crashing once, and then it wasn’t as great as the first time. Blur, on the other hand, I could play for hours, much like I did Mario Kart back in the day.

The Bizarre Creations team can definitely create another Geometry Wars-like game, but just can’t use the name.

true but nor was Forza 1 and 2. With the huge reception PGR3 got you would have thought they’d treat PGR4 the same.

Been playing blur since the Crysis 2 beta ended. Still the most fun I’ve had in a videogame.

Bad promotion and a release date that meant it had to compete with that years biggest blockbusters.

Bizarre dev even said on a vidoc he didn’t know anything about Split/Second their direct competition :rolleyes:

Sad news, despite Split/Second being way, way better ;). Disney is done making games too, last I knew. I hope BC and Black Rock can supply us with more sick racing games down the line. In some form or other.

As an aside, despite both being racing games, Blur and S/S weren’t exactly going for the same thing. Blur was a heavy mp sort of kart racer, and Split/Second was more of a traditional arcade racer. Both games deserved a bigger audience, IMO.

blur was gdlk. thats all ima say.

I’m not saying it wasn’t. It just reminded me of Mario Kart. Split/Second felt like it’s own thing. That tipped the scales for me when it came time to choose.

I can still play both with friends and have a motherfucking blast. It just doesn’t help Blur that we usually have Mario Kart 64 running on emulation.

stop being nostalgic :stuck_out_tongue:
Blur > Mario Kart

The number of gametypes and maps makes it far more entertaining. I also lost interest in S/S once I had seen every explosion, multiplayer just wasn’t as deep as Blur either.

This. Fucking love that game, can’t believe how it was just passed over by so many people. Poor planning, a damn shame.