Bizarre Remains of a 6-Inch Human Discovered


I’m surprised anything so deformed could survive to 8 years of age.

Geez, the length and shape of the skull makes is extremely odd. It looks like a penis.
Kinda odd to know your shlong could’ve been as tall as a human though.

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this artiicle is strange, from what I remember coming from both doctors mouths was its strange because there are NO deformities at all

is this article a misinformation attack?

At least it gives people with a giant hentai fetish a fighting chance. That head is really creepy though.

Too highly unlikely to be real.

The bones have organic matter within its cavities containing DNA which are 91% accounted for as human.

The “found” bones may have been reconstructed from existing organic matter. I don’t recall which group used to do it, but they would take the bones from their victims and make small animal skeletons out of it.

Also, I have seen what some may do for research money.

There is no way this is real.

That skeleton has exactly the same bone structure as the second half of my penis.

I was thinking that the moment I saw the headline, but I’d like to think scientist would’ve tested that out first as to not waste their time. Carving bones and keeping them in scale would leave telltale marks that would give it away. Also, if the marrow (usually where they find DNA) is in accordance with the scale of the skeletal structure, I find that very difficult to fake.

Basically, they took some random Chilean corpse and somehow refashioned its bones- leaving no trace of markings, and created a scale model of a 6 inch 8-year old child. If this is a hoax, it had to be an extensive collaboration of highly capable people… with absolutely no life.

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there’s so many fakes out there people don’t believe even a stanford scientist LOL

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I for one, welcome our alien overlords.

Since nobody mentioned it, and I’m sorry in advance for where ever this may go. Steven Greer was on Joe Rogan’s Podcast a couple of months ago; he was the supposedly the one who got the body to the scientists for the autopsy he believes it to be an alien.

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