Bizarre shite with a taste of fanart and a side dish of boobs


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ACTUAL FANART. Of a doujin game. That nobody plays. But that guy’s the main character (main male character, imagine that), so it’s not that bad.


I really like that #95. all of them are dope, but that one is serious


Surrealism isn’t weird, it’s dope.


reminds me of this

The Wiseman - Muppet Wiki


I really like the second one. It’s $ick! XD


Oh hell…AWESOME.


its crazy how u bring that up…i know someone who could contact juggle




^^ Love the heavy ink use in this one. Is it just me, or does the tree sort of look like SSF4 Dudley?


I just like the originality in the recent pieces man. I see the tree head theme is back


As far as traditional media goes, I’m into sharp pencils - the “Session” is CG.
Unless you mean it looks like ink - and that makes it an unintended effect (and I probably failed something somewhere).

More along the lines of moai statues. Started a while ago with this one (ironically, it’s exclusively ink).


so how stoned were you when you drew that pick in the DA link? lol

nice works here.


First art have something similar with Falcoon works :wonder:
Nice arts :slight_smile:


Instant coffee. With cookies. …It’s brutal.

Stop looking at his feet you maniac.


So ronery.


PimpSpy logo for the Saints Row 2 “Gentlemen of the Row” mod. Replaces the GameSpy (naturally) logo on startup.


Oh no, not Chang.


<3 the Juri & PimpSpy!


Some people consider these a sketch and unfinished, but I personally see it as a drawing style, one i particularly like and practice the most.

Tablet, Hard Brush + Pen Pressure?