Bizarro Comics anyone?

I’ve seen this comic for a while, but it wasn’t until recently when I stopped at half-priced books did I score a copy of it. I have to say it’s just about my favorite tradeback of all time right now lol. If you haven’t read this go out and buy it, it’s so funny and abstract.

For those who have read it what did you think? What was your favorite story out of it? Which did you like least?

I loved Bizarro and Mxy together, I chuckled everytime Bizarro called Mxy “Greg” and did something completely random. Out of the stories I think my favorite at the moment is either the Aquaman bathtub pig brawl or the Batman Penguin thing. I hardly have a least favorite, all of them entertained me in some way.

Yeah, that’s awesome, man. I have been meaning to get a copy of that myself. I only have the Bizarro World hardback, which is the sequel to the one you got. And I love the Bizarro World book- and I am pretty sure you would enjoy it as well. I know that short stories aren’t as popular, especially comic book short stories, but there’s just a certain poetry to this stuff that I really dig. It’s really entertaining to see all these alternative/underground/indie guys mess around with the corporate icons.

I had no idea it had a sequel, I’m going to have to make a search for that as well, good thing is paycheck day lol. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was all the varied artistic styles, and how different the characters look while still retaining what makes them them.