BizClip @ Hamilton, Ontario - First Casuals November 6th 2010

ESC Casual Day @ Bizclip

Date: Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Time: 6:00 ? Midnight

Entry: Free

323 King St E
Hamilton, Ontario

**Games: **Super Street Fighter IV & Blazeblue: Continuum Shift

Info: Games will be played on the Pownz Cabs.

Custom T-shirts & Bags well be avaialble by GDLK clothing for $15, bring your moneys!

Just so you know, the Saturday is actually the 6th, not the 7th. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna see if I can grab a ride out to this.

While I can’t stay for casuals, I will pop in to say hi as it’s been months since I’ve seen GHSF.

Sounds like a good start

Good to see something starting up. Keep up the good work! Unfortunately, since I suck, I’m working and can’t attend.

I support this, I’ll call work tomorrow and find out whether I can come out or not.

lol to not be able to come would be heresy

samples of t-shirts/bags? weekends are generally bad for me for gaming, but i’ll see what i can do.


:frowning: i’m so excited tho :smiley:

edit for the 9 billionth time: wtf, srk doesn’t give smilies to those? what an archaic board design.

Had to edit the thread title a bit. Make this the official BizClip thread if you have to.

Anant: at this point this is a one off event. If you can sticky that would be great.

Since I can’t show for the Brockville tournament, I guess this will be my best option.

I’ll see if I can stop by for a little bit.

Also, links to pictures of merchandise.

I’ll try to show up to this.

You have to be a little more clear in the first post before I sticky. I have no idea what this even is - I thought it was a permanent venue, but if it’s a one off, I can’t really justify stickying a casuals thread.

Set up an explanation as to what BizClip is/is going to be, get a schedule out, and i’ll sticky the thread for a while to get BizClip some exposure.

Ride is confirmed. See you all on Saturday. :smiley:

i’ll make ssure i have that day off tonight

I’ll try my best to work something out to make it to this. Miss hanging at SF things…

huh… whats Bizclip and how come theres no venue fee?! … also, is this a Drekken production or a spectacle of the directorial mastermind RXS? So many questions, so little time.

There’s no venue fee… because we made it no venue fee.