Bjork - "Hyperballad"

Haunting…emotional…beautiful…there is no words to describe this live performance. I like one of the comments “out of this world…another dimension”. Bjork’s performance of this song just cannot be touched. I think its even better than the original recording.


Oh we are doing video thread in gd too?


Being a dickhead is cool!

I like Bjork. When she’s not being weird that is.

Umm…I’ve got a way to describe it. Ass. Didn’t like it (and I don’t like the original recording either).

Bjork is awesome id love to see her live.

90’s Bjork would get “Hyper-ball’d”. Current Bjork… not so much…


Born in 65’ and works in entertainment. She could only last so long…

What an awkwardly untalented singer, in my opinion at least. The song wasn’t all that either.

I hope you learned something today op.

If Bjork was black nobody would listen to a thing she said, not that I don’t think she’s pretty legit sometimes. That video where she married that cat was class.

her music is definitely an acquired taste…but u cant deny that voice…that voice…nothing else like it on this earth :smokin:

lol I read the topic as “Bjork-hyperballEd”

I thought it was gonna be something funny. ehh, never listened to bjork, probably never will. when I clicked on the link, and fast forwarded to a the middle, I chuckled bit.

sorry op, bjork=who? in my books

The music video by Michel Gondry is amazing. They dont make music videos like this anymore…it’s truly art.


That’s certainly one word for it. That stuttering trash she does makes her sound as if she has down syndrome. I’ve tried giving her albums a spin and it just comes off as random wailing, shrieking, and mumbling. :s

The melody is great but something about her singing just bugs me.

Here’s another acquired taste: Me closing this thread because it doesn’t belong here.