BK feint Staircase questions



I can’t pull it off yet, but when do you apply this because the opponent easily resets before my H comes out of the feint?


Do you mean they reset after your first H but before your first BK L Feint ~ j.H? Or do you mean you can get the first BK L Feint ~ j.H, j.S, but they reset when you go for the second rep? Either way, you should be p-linking the Feint S ~ H. I also had a lot of trouble with this at first, but after keeping at it a few hours a day you’ll eventually get the timing down!


The trick is that you have to delay the S after the H, but you CAN’T lag the input on the following BK Feint after the j.S or they will drop out. To get the basics down, start off just on the ground doing repetition exercises of inputting BK L Feint ~ H. Once you can do three in a row either off the ground or in the air, start practicing with an S input between each rep. Don’t worry about linking them just yet, just get used to the input sequence and timing until you have it committed to muscle memory.


Common mistakes include EX BK coming out, or the opponent resetting due to inputting the j.S between reps too fast or inputting the next BK L xx Feint sequence too slow after the j.S.

Start Ups

Once you can consistently hit the opponent in the corner, start setting them up in the air to try and link at least 2 reps at a time. The easiest setup for me to learn off of was TK H xx Feint, SJ, j.H, BK L xx Feint ~ j.H… etc. It may also help to start off by SJ straight up instead of up-forward, as it is visually easier to time when you’re only moving vertically. Other setups you can use would be off of a double Seismo, SJ, H, and go; or you can add it to the box loops with the regular start-up (don’t use s.L though, for some reason hit stun gets affected more), i.e., s.M, s.H, TK M xx Feint, s.H, TK M xx Feint, s.M, s.H, s.S xx Seis L xx IADF, j.H, BK L xx Feint ~ j.H… etc. Please note that you can also do BK L xx Feint ~ H, BK L xx Feint ~ H, j.S, BK L xx Feint, j.S, Land, s.H, s.S; this variation is easier to time for box loops.

Opponent Resetting During Combo

You’ll need to experiment with your assists and combo strings to see how fast hit stun decays and tweak your combos accordingly!

In my experience, Viper stair case is most useful in converting random air hits and random assist hits (such as Jam Session) into more damaging combos. They are also vital if you plan on putting Viper on anchor! I think they also run less x-factor time per unit of damage (unverified?) vs calling assists for relaunch. Learning to use the BK L Feint has other useful applications as well, you can use it to maneuver around the screen and AD down for high-lows, or you can use it to dodge incoming projectiles without wasting your double jump or AD. Having your stair case loops down solidly makes Viper less assist- or meter-dependent, which makes her a lot more dangerous as she can one-touch-kill (1mil+) even with no assist, x-factor, or meter (see YouTube). Viper with spare meter is especially dangerous considering her EX arsenal, and allows for more chances to kill.

Other Advice

I’m still fairly new to the game and consider myself a beginner still. You can ask some of the more experienced members of this board for more advice or tips I may have missed!


Why is the timing for the BK feint after the first S different than the initial one? If you slow it down enough to avoid the EX burn kick they fall out.


Bill, you may be having trouble because you’re not super jumping. That may be your solution.


Lol yeah man that was exactly it ; I ended up figuring it out.

Ggs by the way. Lol played you a bit online in the past.