Black background

When I go onto srk it starts to loadup and show the grey background which I thought would then turn to white to see the text but everything is black, pictures are showing fine, adverts are fine. CPannel is fine, the news section is completely black.

Also the forum is absolutely fine too. I thought this was an issue with my work computer only, then I came home and saw I had the same problem on my browser there.

Work computer is using Firefox 5.0 OS: Ubuntu 11.04
Home PC Firefox 5.0 OS: W7 Pro

To understand a bit more what I’m saying, here’s a pic:

I have the exact same problem.
Firefox 5.0 OS: W7 Ultimate


This happens in IE 8.0 as well.

Glad I’m not the only one…

Thought i’d point out this only started happening yesturday.

I’m having the same issue, also on Firefox 5.0

Same problem in firefox, but works in chrome. For some reason, firefox doesn’t display the text as white.

Yeah, I’m on chrome too. No problems.

I thought I was the only one lol. I guess I’ll use Chrome now.

Firefox user here, same issue, only started around yesterday.
Not gonna install a whole new browser for one website though. Think this is something that will get fixed being a lot of people are having the issue?

And CHomes, if you’re using firefox, adblock addon is your friend :D.

SRK has been acting up on me entirely since yesterday btw. Pages loading extremely slowly or not at all…

Having the same problem here. Glad it’s not just me.

Same problem here. (Firefox 5)

I would attest that to just heavy net traffic from all the comic-con news. But yeah super slow this week.

Looks like this is still going on.

You can highlight the text that is blackened to read it.

Yeah I know you can, but it’s not really Ideal though hopefully it should be resolved soon, how long they gonna keep holding that L on their chest till they fix it? Is there a type of ticket system so you can make web admins aware of things like this?

this should be fixed now. If not, log out, clear your cookies, and log back in.

Works like a charm again for me at least, thanks for the quick fix.

Works good now, thanks Wizard

And here I thought this thread was going to be about racial heritage.

Yes problem fixed thank you much!