Black characters in fighting games

Being 50% Nigerian with a DARK complexion I always look for role models even at the age of 19

but I don’t like

you’re kidding me with this

and don’t get me started on this

the other characters I want to quickly say
-Sean is 1/4 Japanese(Sean Masuda!) and mainly Brazilian(aka might be naturally be dark or might be the offspring down the line of a slave)
-Helena is a chick and I’m a dude so it’s hard to look up to her
-Dudley is of Indian decent(so you guys aren’t stuck with Dhalsim)
-Most other characters black are HEAVY Jamican/Brazilian(looking at you Eddie) or sports players that don’t speak proper English and are brutes
-Def jam and WWE…dosen’t really belong on SRK so I’ll keep it that way

So tell me why the lack I mean GENERAL LACK of black character that some one can be proud of?

1#Can’t be a tool(in his plot can’t be used)
2#Can’t be a Brusier aka Just in it to F*** something up
3#Dosen’t just blend into the crowd
5#Dose not wear a jersey or use sports related attacks in his style
6#Speaks properly unless he’s from another country
7#no dread headed Capoeria users
8# dosen’t really represent any country if it be Jamaica, A place in Africa, and especially a rap/gang related place in America

Mortal Kombat
-every game starting from MK2 has a black character (Jax, Cyrax, Kai(?), Darrius, etc)
-Darrius was a character created solely for a reason “game needs a black character and we cant use Jax this time”

Also Tekken has black characters. Dont tell me you cant be proud of Raven; and then there is Bruce Irwin

Mortal Kombat - Jax and Kai, Cyrax
SNK - Seth, Duck King, Mr. Big, Heavy D!, Lucky, Brian Battler
TJ Combo - KI
Malcom Fox - Way of the Warrior
Mr. Jones - Rage of the Dragons
Blaze - Eternal Champions
Zack - DOA
War Machine - MvC

Venom in GG is both black and gay. He’s a like a super minority representative. He kinda seems egyptian to me, guess it’s the eye symbol painted on his hair. He’s also awesome.

But then again, you could make the argument that all these “dark skin, white hair”(and there’s a lot… K’, Setsuna, Krizalid and so on) anime characters don’t really count. And some of them are more “tan”. Still, Setsuna and K’ are freaking cool.

What about Raven in Tekken? A bit silly perhaps… I remember him calling Yoshimitsu a fake ninja or something :rofl:

Edit: When is Cyrax shown without the robot costume?

Soul Calibur has Zasalamel
That’s the only one off the top of my head I can think of.

Yeah, Zasalamel is a good one.

Of the SNK list Half of those dudes aren’t black and alot are jocks.

Kai is pretty much a Baraka reskin and Jaxs is just another bruiser

Cy is black but he is a tool the whole time and is never shown out of armor so most people don’t know he’s black

I’m proud of raven up to the point that he’s a tool and only a tool and Bruce. kind of a rip off of another black Muay Thai character who I’m kind of glad of

Zasalamel is one of the only black characters I can be proud of fully front to back

Signed. Though I honestly think that Jax gets honorable mention.

Venom is not black that looks close to the Millennium eye(which is fake and from Yugioh) which is based off the Eye of ra

Jax is a Token black guy on top of being a bruiser

How the fuck do people know Cyrax is black then? I didn’t even know the robots were humans wearing suits.

It’s his profile it says he’s African American


You mean Lucky Glauber?

MK4 Gold Ending reveals this.

All SNK characters I mentioned are african american as stated in the KOF Mook profiles. Only SNK character I know of who is not would be Marco Rodriguez (Brazilian).

No he already had lucky in that list

well look at half those characters pictures

Would Shaq count?

Kim? are you SERIOUS!?

Yeah totally.

This seems like a redundant thread, and I swear SRK had one of these last year. Soon all groups will get their own thread, I can just see myself opening up a Native American thread now.

Me: So who knows of any good Native American role models in fighting games? Because that’s totally the whole point of fighters, and I feel completely weird using a female or a Japanese guy like Ryu.

Random person: T. Hawk, Night Wolf, Chief Thunder.


What’s wrong with Boxer? Embrace his blackness, I still think Capcom should have given him a 50 Cent inspired alternate outfit in SFIV, maybe the Super version will reward me for my dedication. Playing to stereotypes is what Capcom does, you are lucky he doesn’t have a bucket of KFC and drink a glass of grape drink before a match. I’m still waiting for T. Hawk to open a Casino and take a drag of that peace pipe myself.

Ninja Edit: Also on the Raven thing you are kinda being nit picky, a tool, seriously? Raven is fucking boss, probably the coolest black person in fighters due to what he was based on.

I suppose if you consider Raven a tool, Boxer would be some sort of quadruple tool.

Even though “role model” might be a bit much, it’s not strange to want cool characters that share your nationality/ethnicity/interests whatever.

I know I gush over Chris, Lars and Xion being listed as swedish. :lovin:

Edit: But yeah, a central thread for all of that might be better than separate for each…