Black characters in fighting games

Cyrax has unmasked costume which shows he is black (his face, his arms etc)
He has it as his alt costume in MKG, MKDA and MKA

I’m just asking because while Native Americans do get just as screwed you atleast are the respectable kind of Native Americans that are the “pray to your ancestor” type not off the reservation looking ghetto as hell from living in substandard conditions or a casino owner. unlike African americans who some characters can’t even speak proper English! and are basketball playing, jersey wearing, “sup dog” those are just some NIG…nevermind.

Raven is a tool in that he is a government agent, how much would more o tool can you being without being Cyrax (who was programmed to kill younger sub zero just malfunctioned) Boxer just has low morals(he just wants the money)

MK is MK I don’t cut into MK that much because again it’s MK I played it couldn’t pull off a button fatality(aka special to character ones) just the uppercut one and the series has gone down hill

If you’re looking for role models look at REAL people. Not fictional characters.

The Rocky Films - Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Mason Dixon.

For some strange reason i didn’t see it, this reminds me not to post before i’m fully awake. :sweat:

As if that isn’t as patronizing as any other example. Not that I really care.

dude it’s atleast more respectful toward their culture then most things you see about black culture

Not that many fighters in real life to look up to anyway you find out most non fighters they’re all jerks or something. all my greatest heroes are either dead or lost my faith long ago or no longer doing positive stuff.

LOL Apollo and Clubber since both were real fighters just looking to prove who was the best and not because they felt butt hurt over rep

Dudley’s an Indian?

Mickey from AOF and TJ Combo from KI are the epitome of what you’re talking about. Seen their backgrounds and theme songs in AOF1 and KI1 and 2?

Jeffery in VF is another. Big clumsy brute with laughable win quotes

Dudley’s of Indian descent? Well that makes a lot of sense.

most of these games are made in Japan and as such cater to the extreme stereotypes of each culture(Ie rufus being a fat arrogant slob, dhalsim being bone thin, ken being a rich arrogant jerk etc).

Look at the bright side at least you have some bad ass black characters in fighting games, the only representation us Italians get is mobsters and plumbers.

Wei from Akatsuki Blitzkampf is black and i dont find it THAT stereotype… and thats very surprising considering his donjon source.

Can’t really tell Duck King or Mr Big’s nationality (Isn’t Big from Australia?). Brian Battler isn’t black.

Is this necessarily of low morals? On one hand, not taking a person’s goodness or badness into account when deciding to fight him could be considered amoral, but on the other hand, judging another person’s morals and then acting on that decision could be considered immoral. By not making judgments, perhaps Balrog is applying morality in his own way.

really? this thread again?
cant you cry about something more important than black video game characters?

and whats your other 50%?

Zazie in Fighters History Dinamyte.

I believe Brad Burns from Virtua Fighter is Italian.

  • No international accent

  • No pre-fight background or storyline. (Revenge, world saving, training to become da best) Just walk in China shop and starts taking names and kicking ass.

  • Has his OWN fighting style. Not based off some kick boxing, dancing or some modified version of a traditional fighting style.

  • 7+ ft tall

Yeah, Shaq biggest and blackest fighting game char ever.

Seriously, no one gives a fuck, there isn’t a Barack Obama of fighting game characters. Plus you’re just going to refuse every character mention because they either have one tiny flaw or they don’t cater to your ridiculous standards.

Look At 2:14 and 2:30. The possibilities!