Black college student hangs confederate flag in dorm room

Man this generation, I just don’t know. He thinks that by adopting it as a symbol for the South, he can some how erase history. Cause forgetting the pain of the past is supposed to make the future better, id-fucking-know what to say about this except my ass needs to run around with a swastika and tell everyone I am making it a symbol of Jewish pride, CHEAH!!

Catz be bonkers now a days.

Funny you mentioned the swatstika, a symbol that also has had it’s meaning changed.

Words and symbols evolve and gain/change meaning all the time. It’s natural.

How is this news? With tons and tons of kids out there there’s going to be a few one off weirdos.

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This is true however some symbols are stained with a certain meaning/history that can never be erased/forgotten/changed.

Is this him?


Naw dude, Imma run around with the offical Nazi flag with the red, white, and black, with the full storm trooper outfit and hand out scented soap to little jewish children.

His heart is in the right place, but I think his mind took a wrong turn somewhere and now it’s riding around in circles.

clearly someone who hasnt been caught doin “Dwb”

That Flag is a shame to anyone that isn’t a dumb as bricks redneck, NRA member, Klan member, or any combination of the three for the South.

He’s either really naive or the KKK got lenient on their recruitment policies.

This must be his re-enactment of Dave Chappelle’s skit.

I actually kind of agree with him though (and I’m half-black). The swastika corruption by the nazis is one of the shittiest things that ever happened. Because of it, even Yoshimitsu from tekken is a Nazi.

One thing he probably fails realize is the difference between the south pre-civil war and post-civil war. He’s hanging the flag with respect to the south after the passing of the civil war, which is fine and all. However, the confederate flag’s symbolism makes reference to a time period which he wasn’t even born in; it’s only relevant for the time periods before and during the civil war. The south isn’t what it used to be. If he really wants to express his southern pride, he’s better off just making a refined version of the flag that would better represent the south as it stands today.

asian religion wants the swastika back.


Kojima had his fun with it.
Big Boss flag


Big Boss just don’t give a fuck.

Yeah I get what he’s trying to do, but I don’t think it’s gonna work like that.

So, it would look the same?

There was a point where Edward Newgate (Oda Echiro) didn’t give a fuck but he bitched out, not G.


and went for something a lil less offensive.