Black eyed, Missing some teeth, and got a Super Nintendo Controller replica


In before I go to bed. I should have posted much earlier but a Glitch was in my way.

Greetings everyone (and Dan Hikibi.) My name is James Lee McKigney. Don’t mind the little Hedgehog avatar, it’s only there as a decoy. (only my school friends knows what I look like.) I am an Autistic young adult who had graduated High School and is now looking for work/a new lesson.

I first got into the traditional brawl when I was a tween, punching out various victims in Street Fighter II. When I got my hands on the emulators, I found that there are so many new worlds, so many new challengers, and so many victims that I was sold. When I turned 18 I began playing Sega’s Mortal Kombat series with my friends at school. (Emulated on the Wii of course.)

I am not a good fighter and never will be a good fighter but the least I can do is to practice. But when playing Street Fighter 4 on the PC is it okay to use a Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis controller for old times sake? I am starting my road to becoming a Masterful Street Fighter and in the end… I’ll take down Bison and Criminal organisation once and for all. I’ll slam dunk the decapitated Heads of various Kombatants, I’mm dethrone the current King of Fighters, I got the Killer Instinct and I will master the Art of Fighting! I’ll become one of the World Heroes, I’ll give those Samurais a Showdown they’ll never forget! I’ll pull the Last Blade from it’s pedestal of time and slash those baddies like never before! Just beware of those Darkstalkers.

I promise to abide by all the rules and to be fair and to treat everybody as if they were me.


You can use any controller with which you are comfortable so long as it has at least seven buttons (three punches, three kicks, and a pause button).

Welcome to SRK.


Man some guy showed up to EVO2012 with a literal PC keyboard.

Someone during CEO was playing Guilty Gear with a $10 DBZ stick they won just as many years ago.

During EVO2012 there was some guy in (KoF?) that had a stick that looked like a wooden box with buttons screwed into it. People aren’t going to care what you fight on as long as you can fight. If you show up with a Genesis controller and get stomped you might have some people ask why you are using such a “bad” input device though.