Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2011


It’s November…time for start saving up for that Black Friday/Cyber Monday monies.

Amazon has started some early sales.
Amazon Movie and TV Deals for BF Week (Thanks Valaris)

Newegg is having a “Black November” (thx Plat. Pinoy)

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sports Authority

Old Navy

Best Buy Door Busters Preview

Walmart BF Ad

RadioShack Ad

If there are any Black Friday stuff going on…let us know.


Pardon my ignorance but what is cyber Monday?

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Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday where huge sales happen most likely exclusively online…


Newegg is having a “Black November”:

OP, add that to first post, plz.


Starting to run out of what i want to get electronic wise for Black Friday. I will say i do want to get a computer monitor with a HDMI input. Hopefully Best Buy or Walmart has something.


From what I read on multiple Black Friday sites, Target is going to open at midnight and close at 11 pm this time so dont be surprised if Wal-Mart does the same. I guess the madness begins really early this year.


It makes sense…stores are really trying to pull revenue during these tough times.


I want to go out for the madness…but there are very few things I want/need…
I’m looking for powertools as always…
Steam cleaner…of quality…
Maybe some used games sells so I can pick up some family/couples titles for cheap…

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Cool thing about that is I’ll be in Raleigh North Carolina during that time like last year, so best believe i’m hitting up Target/Walmart at Midnight.


Blackest Month, Brightest Day?

Sounds about right, for America…

Personally, I cannot wait for our New 52 (50 + Virgin Islands and Rico) reboot to happen.


2 for 1 at Target and Amazon. Gonna do Uncharted 3/Arkham City/ Third game. Probably Demons Souls, but part of me wants to cop BF3 just so I can play splitscreen with my dad


Demon’s Souls is like $20 new, so get the most out of the deal and pick up BF3.


If you’re looking for suggestions, I would suggest keeping an eye out for a VISIO TV. I’ve got a "40 that has not only HDMI inputs, but a regular jack for your computer monitor as well. Mine ran me about $600 regular, so I’m guessing the price will be even lower if you can snag them on sale. Perfomance-wise, it’s been rock solid for over a year and counting. I’m not the least bit dissapointed in mine and may even buy another one in the future…if this one ever breaks that is. :tup: Hope that helps.



Hm, this thread could be good.


Mang, this gen of Pannys has Alpha IPS panels, again.

A 42" ought to run you about the same, but with minimal input lag.

I have two C3s, and love them.

I use one for a PC monitor, as well.

It’s good enough to do digital art on, IMO.

Colors of course are going to be chosen on a high end PC monitor, but hey - once you’ve got that palette set up, seeing your broad strokes cut a swath across the big screen is incredibly satisfying.

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I thought most HDTVs nowadays had a PC VGA input. They’re basically based on existing monitor designs anyways.

That said, be careful what you get. My dad’s off-brand HDTV does NOT play nice with my laptop, HDMI OR VGA.


I actually meant the sequel, Dark Souls, as it’s also a new release

I’m also boycotting BF3 over the Origin stuff on PC, and trying to decide if buying a Console copy defeats that purpose enough. It still gives them a sale, only on a platform not of my choice. They won’t get the message if I do, but alas I’m sure my not buying it isn’t actually sending a message anyway, but it’s the principle of the thing damn it


Then definitely get Dark Souls.


in the market for laptops. one for my mom and one for me. can someone break down the different processors available now? i just need a decent laptop, nothing powerful


Just make sure you get an i5, at least.

And an independent GPU.