Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2018 thread


Happy November…holiday shopping season is upon us.

Time to share any deals for those looking to save in the holidays.


I want to build a PC for my nephew so I’m looking out for deals on budget parts. I’m gonna give Newegg the eagle eye.


Sites i would keep an eye on for Black Friday deals of all kinds from games, tvs, electronics and the likes.


You can also set alerts, emails and other ways to keep you updated. Happy Hunting.


It’s that time of the year again already? This year has gone by so fast.

Happy hunting nerds

#5 is another good site to keep tabs on. They pull data from a ton of game sites and list them in order of price.


Best Buy put their ad up. I’m mad they don’t have Yakuza 6 as part of their sale.


For those on the fence on what day to score a decent deal on PC parts.


The $199 1TB ps4/spider-man bundle is going live on tonight. Less than half an hour at the time of this post.


Gamestop is having a Switch deal where it’s comes with Mario Kar 8 DX and a $50 giftcard. Horizon on PS4 will be $9.99 and God of War is $17.

Won’t let me link to Twitter.


I’m surprised that the Spider-Man bundle is the bundle they chose for Black Friday. I figured it would have been RDR.


Spider-Man is a popular game and a first party one at that. It makes it the perfect bundle game. I feel bad for anyone who gets the Xbone bundle with Fallout 76.


I feel bad for anyone who gets an XBONE period.


When it gets a DEEP discount, I might get one for console Grim Dawn… if it ever actually manifests.


The only reason I want a xbone is because their BC Catalog is pretty solid. And by solid I mean I just really want to play Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Knights of the Old Republic 1&2 and Jade Empire again.



Anything else that they have that I want to play is or shall be on Switch, anyway.


Best Buy’s Black Friday sale is now live on their website. All you have to do is be a member of their website. If you’re buying vidiyah games GCU doesn’t stack.

Have fun!


Time to snag a monitor.


I’m prob gonna get the switch bundle from gamestop. Sucks there’s no switch + free game of your choice deals. Mario kart is fun but still.


Yeah but you’re getting a $50 gift card with the MK8 Deluxe bundle which is almost a free game. You’re paying maybe $10-15 out of pocket? Not too bad.


That’s true. Although it looks like the bundle only comes with red/blue joycons. I’m pretty picky about my colors and I want the grey one.