Black Friday"King Of The Stream" event 11/28/2010


The King of The Stream event was a huge success. We were able to get a great number of players, spectators and stream monsters with very little time. We knew we had two weeks of plugging, advertising and trying to make something of nothing. In which we did and we did it well.

First, I want to thank all of the players who showed up and competed. Without you guys, this wouldn’t have been a success.

I want to thank Bernie from Play2 for allowing us to hold the venue in his place and we look forward of holding plenty more events at Play2.

I want to thank Jaleel from FocusAttack for putting himself out there as he always does and he does it for the community. It was Jaleel who introduce me to the whole ?King of The Stream? concept and we ran with it.

Huge thank to Nick from SF4answers for putting 250.00 of his own money into the event to be given to the first place winner. I know it has been said but, thank you Nick for your support in this venture and for the FGC.

Big thanks to the guys and crew from Antifanboy for a great job with the stream, the interviews and overall entertainment value throughout the entire event. Jon, Devon, Steve, Chris thank you!

I want to personally thank Triforce and the EMP Knights: KOTS Champion; Sandford, Yipes, Dieminion and Jago for passing by and bringing some hype to the venue.

Thanks to Big E showing support what we are trying to do with Philly.

Finally, I want to thank my players from DMG for some great entertaining matches; Rico Suave, Dr.Chaos and Reaper.

This is the start of something (hopefully) very positive for the FGC. I cannot wait to line up the venues and bringing some serious hype to Play2 and to the east coast. I personally have some great ideas of what direction it can go and at the end; it?s a positive direction.

Results courtesy of TriForce. *
Super Street Fighter 4
1st ? Sanford Kelly (Empire)
2nd ? IYungHove
3rd ? Dieminion (Empire)
4th ? Moonkyninja
Missed Qualifier
Tie ? ItsBurgertime
Tie ? Plez
Tie ? Jack Death
Tie ? Agent Mage
Tie ? Mr. Mitsu
Tie ? Random D
Tie ? Dai
Tie ? Zero
Tie ? Peejie
Tie ? Brunaleski
Tie ? Staticgorrila
Tie ? DMG Laughing Hyena
Tie ? Curt Migurt
Tie ? Warrior
Tie ? DMG Dr. Chaos
Tie ? Zombielord
Tie ? Jago (Empire)
Tie ? Kaizuk Mike
Tie ? I2EAPEIz
Tie ? Dr. Ngo
Tie ? Josh Wong
Tie ? IFC Yipes (Empire)
Tie ? Sir Kanchi
Tie ? Philly Cake
Tie ? DMG Rico Suave

Highlight Matches (EMP vs. DMG)

DMG Dr. Chaos vs. Santhrax (Empire) Santhrax wins 2-1
DMG Rico Suave vs. Dieminion (Empire) Dieminion wins 2-1


Thanks for having us over. See you at the next event.


Great event.

please never do that format again.


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