BLACK FRIDAY King of the Stream SSF4 Event at Play2, South Philly PA!


DATE: Friday, November 26, 2010
TIME: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
WHERE: Chickie’s & Pete’s (South Philly) | 1526 Packer Avenue, Philadelphia, PA
VENUE FEE: FREE to the public.
ENTRY FEE: $5 (all proceeds go to cash prize)
AGES: All ages. Must be 21 to drink.
JOYSTICK: Bring your own. Games will be played on XBOX 360 (Updated 11/23) consoles and game pads will be provided per pod.

Homepage and stream location
Facebook Event Page

Here’s a reason to stay up and on the Philly scene this Black Friday. Chickie’s and Pete’s Play2 in South Philadelphia, along, and bring you KING OF THE STREAM SSF4 Quarter Up Tournament! Here, you can battle your friends in Philly’s first and finest interactive bar. Play2’s 20 game pods feature all popular consoles, easy USB hookup for sticks and gamepads, and big, colorful screens!


Take the battle on live video stream with commentary from the crew at Best of all, there’s no need to crowd around a single monitor. You can watch all of the SSF4 action on several of Play2 large screens near the bar!


This is a ?Winner stays, loser goes to back of the line? round-robin tournament. Top players enter a 4-man finals event for great prizes by Play2 and! See “SSF4 Tournament Rules” below for details.


We’ve already confirmed that popular tournament players from the East Coast are attending, including Empire Arcadia’s Sanford, Dieminion, Jago and Yipes! Also in attendance are top players Dominion Method Gaming, including Dr. Chaos, Reaper, Slob Murph, and more!


Not playing in the tournament, or just want to get some casuals going on some huge TV?s? Play pods are available for you to play nearly any game you want on 360 PS3, or Nintendo Wii! Have Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, Blazeblue or Super Smash Brothers? Bring the game along and we’ll load it for you and friends to play in a pod!


We know you’ve already spent a ton during Black Friday’s shopping frenzy, so Chickie’s N’ Pete’s wants to keep things simple: Get an ALL YOU CAN EAT plate of Play2’s famous Chicken Cutlets and super-delicious Crab Fries, plus soda for just $20! That’s all night, until you can’t eat any more. :slight_smile:


Every participant in King of the Stream gets a FREE game session at either participating Play2 interactive lounges at Parx Casino in Bensalem PA, or Play2 in South Philadelphia!


(Updated 11/23) Play2 knows that SSF4 players want that prize money, so we’ve introduced a cash-pot with a guaranteed minimum of $250! Like any cash pot, player participation can make the amount much larger.

We have two ways to qualify for the cash prize:

**Players can enter the official King of the Stream tournament for just $5! **


**Purchase the K.O.T.S All-you-can-eat Food and Drink Special for just $20! **

All proceeds from the entry fee and partial proceeds from the K.O.T.S food and drink special goes into the pot, potentially earning hundreds more! is also planning to hook up the joystick and SSF4 fan with the following prizes!
[]SANWA/SEIMITSU Prize Pack - voucher for a Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick or Seimitsu LS-32-02 joystick, plus 8 Sanwa or 8 Seimitsu buttons in your choice of colors!
]Art Books SF20 -* Art of Street Fighter Capcom*, plus Udon’s Art of Capcom 2!
[*]$25 Gift Certificates

Chickies and Pete’s Play2 will have plenty of game-related prizes to go around, too! I’ll keep you updated on specifics when they come.


[]First to 2 Matches, best of 3 Rounds.
]Winner stays; loser goes to back of line.
[]Winner has character lock per match; can change ultras per match.
]Loser can change character/ultras per match.
[]Every new match, every character/ultra is selectable to either player.
]Player with 20 match streak automatically entered into 4-player final tournament.
[*]Final tournament first to 3 matches, best of 3 rounds. Single Elimination.

Still not convinced? Check out the flyer!

King of the Stream Flyer

Will post updates in this thread, which may include special appearances by top SSF4 players and other goodies. If the event goes well, we may do this once a month. Hope to see you there!


Looking forward to this one in particular :wink:


Lets go everyone! Lets have some fun with this one!


Hopefully I can go!


Can’t wait!


Who will you see at Play2 presents: Super Street Fighter 4 “King of The Stream” on Black Friday? Dominion Method Gaming’s Dr. Chaos, arguably one of the best Ken players in the US. Don’t believe us? Watch this video:


Dr. Chaos Gameplay Video at the Break Weekly:


More top player announcements are coming each day. Keep an eye on this spot.


wish I had a ps3 stick :frowning:


DMG players will be bringing their sticks with em and you are more than welcome to use em.


Who else is attending Play2 presents: Super Street Fighter 4 “King of The Stream”? DMG Rico Suave, DMG Slob Murph and DMG Reaper. New York heads, stay tuned…Monday’s announcement will make you go “YIPES!”


Oh wow. Sounds like fun.

Hopefully I can make it out!


I’m going even though no one knows me except for Reaper A.K.A Kenny. <Say that fast

Twh Dai!


The names I am looking forward of seeing there are: Yipes, Ryder, Andre (Jago), Marlin Pie, Dieminion and all of some of Philly’s , New York and New Jersey’s best.

Its going to be a great night for SSF4


Awesome event


Here are some photos I took tonight of the venue.

This is going to be a great time! I hope all of you can come out!

-Jon from Antifanboy


The Empire Comes

Sanford, Dieminion, Jago and Yipes will there.


OMG this is gonna be hype and challenging! Let’s go! Practice for NEC!


Now we’re talkin, people. Let’s do this!


Sweet photos, man - I’ll pass these on. I think players should know how swank this place is, and that we get to raid it free for 5 hours!


This is what I am talking about. Some of the community best coming to show support to the event.

EDIT: Awesome pics! I sending these out to everyone!


What tvs will be used for the tournament?