Black Heart Help

I’m a noob when it comes to BH. Can someone help me out, and give me some pointers on what to do during a match with him. Also could you also teach me some basic combos as well.

Well the first thing you have to do is control as much space as possibe.BH is one of the best at it. Never stay on the ground, always keep moving, try to stay on top of you’re opponent. Abuse his roundhouse demons in the air(beware of Cable), and when you’re close to them in the air jab punch has a lot of priority. Build a lot of meter with him as he needs it to survive. His infanite is pretty good , however pick the right moment . You don’t want the build them meter for Cable and Storm.

I’ll post some comboes later.

Thanks alot. When I see people playing BH I see them jumping, HP, then dash,and HP again…Is this one of the many ways that BH controls space??

I don’t really use his fp demons in the air, I always use his RH demons. I’ll use fp demons normal jumping backwords, but not on a super has too much lag . Try to use his pokes as much as possible(they are the best in the game). You are also going to have to choose a good anti-air assist, I recommened Cyclops.

lol…Well I’m going to use Sent/BH/CapCom, and are you still going to post the combos and infinites??
Not to rush you or anything.

P.S. Can you describe to me what lag would actually look like, seeing how I don’t have the eyes to pick that sort of a thing up.

lol… Lag is actually the amount of recovery time after doing a move. Blackheart really isn’t a comboe machine, and you can’t really combo much off Capcom except InfernoxxxHOD, InfernoxxxArmagedden, InfernoxxxJudgement Day.

You can’t set up his infinite with Capcom. However, if you catch him in the air with the RH demons, superjump forward RH demons, airdash back RH demons and so on. The only combos I use are:

cr sk, cr mk(with Cyke), InfernoxxxHOD
cr sk, cr mk(with Cyke), superjump, RH demons into infinite
cr sk, cr mk(ETC), superjump, Rh demonsxxxair Judgement Day.

These are basically the ones I use. There are more but you should ask Stiltman. I usualy poke a lot(they add up). Anyways, you should always be in the air. If you have anymore specifics let me know.

You’re from Sauga right, maybe you saw me at the recent T6 qualifier at Orbit?

Ya, I’m from Sauga but I haven’t been to anything T6 related. But I will sign up for T6 on the Saturday (if I’m still able to). Thanks for those combos, its just that I don’t seem to know what cr sk, and cr mk mean (unless they mean crouching light kick and medium kick),but I understand that the x’s mean canceling. Also what does ETC mean, and you’re also going to have to describe to me what exactly the moves are (since I don’t remember them by name, but that will soon change).

BlackestHeart, where you the guy at T6 in the tanktop that was always using Blackheart? (duh) well, I mean, nobody else was using him consistently.

I also gotta question: With Blackheart, I’ve seen as you said, most people jump, RH/HP demons, dash, assist, etc. What are some of the things that you can do if the demons connect, apart from cancelling into the super?

Yes, that was me at T6. Well, if they are caught in the R/H demons and you have not used your assist yet, I like to call Cyclops, superjump R/H demonsxxx Air Judgement Day. Does about 50% damage. You can also launch, InfernoxxxHOD, or the other supers. Also if their assist has been punished, it’s a good idea to snap them back. You could also switch characters. Where are you from anyways.

so it was you, yeah, your Blackheart play was freakin awesome. Btw, I’m from Ottawa, I was the asian guy w/ glasses and long hair lurking round the MvC2 machine.
Thanks for the tips on Blackheart, I probably have a few more questions that I can’t think of right now.

There is a combo you can do that will set up the infinite with Capcom. It isn’t very reliable though.

Point-blank Capcom+dlk,dmk,sj cancell, hk.
-Works on Sentinel, Amingo, Doom, and a few others. I think it works on Cable. I need to test it more.

-Also, you can drop Capcom, sj up immediately, and fire off hk. If they go after you they eat Capcom and get infinited.

BH-Capcom combos

-The Stiltman-Watts Combo
-Capcom call +dlk, dmk, Capcom hits, inferno xx whiff cancelled super [Armageddon outside the corner, HOD in it], HSF. They might survive this, but now they have to deal with Sent backed with BH and Capcom. This IMO is worse.

Also, you can jump lp, pause, call Capcom, mp, and land with enough time to inferno them.

-If you plan to use Capcom, the above is pretty much the limit to your combo capacity. There are more combos obviously, but not much more unless you count people’s Sent walking into your flying hp/hk and eating Capcom then.

-Train yourself to be able to hit the inferno everytime off random Capcom calls. The secret is to know a Capcom hit is twice as loud as a blocked capcom, and a whiffed capcom is slightly quieter still.

BTW, Blackestheart’s BH is the truth. I was there and can truely testify to that fact. He’s truely qualified to teach BH-Cyc strategy. Just like Stiltman is truely qualified to teach BH-Capcom.

Thanx for the praise guys, I appreciate it. It’s nice for people outside of Montreal to confirm my belief that I have a pretty good Blackheart. However, I now understand why people think that Blackheart isn’t that good anymore. No matter how good your BH is, it is a lost cause playing against really good Top 4 tier players. I mean I did beat Matrix and Xecutioner a couple of times, in the end they beat me more often. Man their Sentinals, Magnetos, and Storms were really good, almost impossible to beat. I love BH, he’s my favorite character, and I will never drop him. T6 was great. I had an awsome time playing against Justin and Sanford(I almost beat him BTW). It’s also fun playing against them because they did underestimate my BH, now I am pretty sure they respect him. I hope they do anyway. Thanx again guys. :tup:

Actually, when I was watching, you were doing exceptional with BH. IMO you actually confirmed my suspiscion that BH can be used as a Sent killer. Doing that well against such insurmountable odds and near god-like players is enough to prove it for me.

I’m sure they respect your BH and BH as a whole now. They’d be fools not to.
Maybe they’ll pick him up for casual screw around because of you; that would be the highest honor.

As a side note, Blackestheart, Q told me how she beat you. She said that…

“I’ve figured out that if I can stay on the same level as Blackheart I can beat him.”

Somehow she managed to out-wait you instead of you out-waiting her. From now on when facing Cables, wait till they do something that makes it impossible to go up above you [examples include but aren’t limited to them descending from a sj, them jumping backwards, or tk grenading…] and go up then when trying to go up. Otherwise, you’ll just get shot every time you leave the ground. I admit that even I made this mistake once or twice.

BH Sent-A combos.
I just figured out on my Dreamcast. Someone else MUST have figured this out by now too.

=*Dlk+Sent-a, Dmk, UF SJ Cancell, immediate ADF Slide HK. to B

A=I have changed the combo so that the accidental armageddon is less likely. No Tiger knee. Do it manually, but quickly.
B=Follow that shit up. They’re bouncing point-blank :).
-Supplement [or replace]the flying hk with an air JD and DHC in anyone [including the Sent assist you just used]
-DFhp into aircombos [lp,lk,mp, ad, lp, lk, airthrow, or try to cross up with hp as cover]
*Note that the above combo will destroy half their health without meter, letting you hand it to the likes of Cable; don’t overlook this.
-DFhp into [inferno, into HOD]
-Point-blank Judgement day, Armageddon, or HOD

Brainstorming BH Sent-a teams [haven’t tested all these]…
Storm-a [BH, Storm-a, Sent-a]
-Covers all your potential screw ups with Hail DHC. I like this one the best.
Cable [BH, Sent-a, Cable-b]
-You can probably play this one in any order
Sentinel [BH, Sent-a, Capcom-b]

Deathfist: Yeah Q did out wait me more, she was more patient than I was. It wasn’t my Blackheart that made me lose, It was my Cable, he sucks. I’ll keep the tips you told me in mind, thanx. Is their any way you could host the footage you took of me, I’d like to see it again. How many matches did you tape of me anyways?

I thnk that was at least 8 games. When duplicating the footage from Gilles camcorder to my VCR, I missed copying an entire tape and I think that’s the tape most of your stuff’s on. I’ll have to review the footage to see if this is the case. I will have to get him to put the footage on the net, mail a VHS copy [in SP mode] of ALL of it to me [as to save confusion], or both.

The main error with your Cable is patience based errors like the one I told you at the tournament. I’ll repeat it here…

I suppose it isn’t so bad though. Losing half your life is a potential wake-up call [;some tournament idiots might not pick up on…,]. Losing all of your life suddenly becomes a terror message understood by all. Nobody watching [or playing] will replicate that kind of mistake if the will die everytime it’s occurs.

Here’s a fun little thing to try. It’s kinda lame, but it’s so mean [and humiliating] when it works.

1]Make sure your character has 5 levels BEFORE you do this.
2]Land the infinite off Cyc with BH
3]Tag in Cable after 2 reps
4]Snap them out with your Cable.
5]Guardbreak their AA and kill it outright. [jump hp, jump hp, AHVBx#] and pump the remaining 4 levels into that assist. [TK-low, TK-unmashed held up, TK-mashed, held up, jump, mashed, held up]
6]Tag back in Blackheart.

You may have no meter left, but their entire team has been compromised from the bottom up.

Hopefully people will still post in this but…Could someone describe how the infinite works?? What I mean is…you have to use the HK demons but why does it only work with cyck and not by itself?

It’s easiest with Cyclops, but you can do it potentially anytime you catch someone out of the air with “goblins”.

Don’t do it in any case, it’s worthless.

But there are times when ppl jump into my demons and there able to shake out of it quick…

That means you maybe waiting a little bit too long to fire off the demons, or they’re just really good at mashing. Adjust your timing accordingly.

But if you are playing BH/Sent/Capcom, it is really not worth trying to catch someone in the air with random hk demons. I think that a solid zoning game will help you out a lot more than catching someone with a random set of demons.

I play BH/Cable/Cyke sometimes, I know how to do the infinite, and to reset it for every rep, but I don’t generally try to set it up though. Normally, I’ll do just one rep of it, and then tag in Cable after that, which leads to some AHVB, or snapout, like it was stated above, and that’s ONLY if the opponent does something to leave themselves EXTREMELY open.

But anywho, in closing, play with Blackheart more for utilizing his pokes, and closing off portions of the screen by filling . The infinite is not necessary for doing that. If you do catch them with any kind of rh demons at all, just go for the Watts DHC. That way, you can potentially kill a person outright.

I hope that this helps you in any way.

Ya it helps in some ways…can you tell me all of BH’s supers