Black Heart vs. Storm and Capcom?!

If you ask me this is black heart’s worst nightmare, to me the best thing to do is to have cable or another character go in first.

storm isn’t too hard for black heart, they usually go for hail storm so i aim the demons where they would be at sometimes get a infinite out of it.

but with capcom , storm/capcom can punish black heart with either the assist if i’m in a position to punish a random hail storm, or a haild storm if i stay away from capcom.

can bh do anything in this fight?

please post ,

with assists,

and solo blackheart vs. the two.

i can give you some advises that looks good on paper, but i wont coz actual vs game is totally different and more… ugly.

so im just going to tell you stuff from my experiences, rather than “theory”. if youre black heart ever get to the point that hes left by himself and no assist to back him up vs storm and captain commando. you might as well throw in the towel.

black heart needs a good anti air to take away the opponent’s manueverability and keep him in place. i know what youre thinking, if youre black heart is good then you can fight storm and commando easily. well, im talking about a game where youre up against a player that knows what hes doing. so preferable anti-air choice would be captain commando. so itll come down to BH/commando vs storm/commando… this scenario i can help you out with.

Bh/commando vs storm/commando:

  1. opponent commando whiffs.
    first off when the match begins (where you two can move but cannot swing yet). i usually move towards to them and when the match begins, i jump back (to give my self some distance and hopefully storm tries to follow me or attempts to try to hit me low the moment the match begins) and watches whats going on the moment he jump, be wary of his commando, when commando comes out to try to hit you, thats when you tag in commando. avoid throwing some pokes or goblins when this happens (when storm blocks commando) pay close attention (and remember that this is done really quick) when storm tries to punish commando since he is sitting there, then thats an opening for your inferno xx HD. i know it sounds wierd but i kinda use capcom as a “cannon fodder” sometimes (except for the likes of cable and sentinel that is)

  2. storm on a rampage?
    most people think that because black heart is a big character that rushing him down would be easy, but honestly black heart is harder to rushdown than people think. when storm is on a rampage, watch your blocks, pay close attention to how she attacks use your “push block” when you need some room, but the moment you see an oppening throw a quick poke followed by commando. remember that black heart has a really fast poke.

3)storm running away building meter?
never met a storm palyer that would do that against black heart, doing that will get her shot down. what if she super jumps and likes to fire those tornadoes that goes straight up? after the first tornado, jump (normal jump towards her) and if youre close enough, and she still has the guts to throw another tornado then bring her down with commando. then hyper jump and throw a goblin to keep her stationary at the moment.

4)black heart is airborne?
nothing else says “hail me!” when black heart is throwing gobling from the air, thats why you should never recklessly throw it. after the hail storm, most players usually follow that up with her tornado projectile. what i normally do is after i throw my goblin and sensed a hail storm coming and blocked it, i uisually push block right before the last few hail hits (thats to disrupt storm from dashing towards you) and throws another goblin after i pushblock (to avoid the chipping damage done by her tornado projectile)

well, thats the scenarios i have on top of my head right now. mainly use his pokes, dont recklessly throw goblins, use them to nuetralize them and keep them on one spot. and never ever throw an inferno unless you know its totally safe and can be immediately cancelled into a super.

well im not sure if you find any of these useful, if you do well then thats good.


A good idea in this matchup is to zone and try to control space. Make use of your pushblock and keep storm away. Since storm is away commando’s assist is away. And storm can’t run from Blackheart since he can punish her for that. Storm can’t run all she can do is fight. This will lead to storm rushing down, to control this use the fierce punch goblins that will bite her in the ass even if she hits you which will stop her combo. To win you must control the space which is easier said then done. Make use of Blackhearts fast pokes which can lead to a painful combo. Don’t jump and throw goblins unless you want to eat a hail storm. Stay close to the ground and try to get some pokes in. You also have a commando assist, use it only when storm is close and dont let her hail your assist to death because if she does your done for. Blackhearts has a really good zone game so make use of it. Punish storm whenever she makes a mistake, because she is the one rushing in, so she will make more mistakes. Also counter call as much as possible and punish her assist.

hope that helped


also, if i have not said it already. dont ever do the infinite. unless its one on one and the oppenent is about to die. nothing more scary than giving storm, sentinel or cable 5 levels of super just for such punitive damage.

hell yeah thats true man if you gave me 5 levels of super with that cheap infinite ill take you down with my magneto and i know you cant mash out of my tempest:lol:

Re: Re: Black Heart vs. Storm and Capcom?!

:lame: … :lol:

yeah but your magneto’s gay, wha-wha-wha-what? you gonna hide behind that girl psylocke? :lol: too scared? better be coz my felicia is gonna make you eat some sands :stuck_out_tongue:

and by the time im trough with you your magneto will be screaming “onegai!” :smiley: then there comes the girls to the rescue :lol:

so… :stuck_out_tongue:

hell yeah, you know it. werent you the one saying that you have to sacrafice one character so you can get your super sand slash in huh. so im doing the samething but im only using a girl. cmon frank i could take you down playing with me elbows like that guy at the mall with my magneto. youre felicia is gay to, grabbing everyone all the time call out doom for more chipping try fighting on your own huh:lol:

:bluu: thats right got nothing else to say

i will but msp rushers are afraid of the cat thats why they keep flying around =), well one things for sure though, youre the only person in the arcade that doesnt resort to playing keep away. like what i said earlier “rush down for life” :lol:

but yeah i think ive made up my mind for my felicia team, im going to focus working on my rogue and making it better but sheeze shes hard to get used to. so eventually my goal is to make the team felicia/rogue (throw)/commando.

heres what i have in mind:

the oppenent would be hurting from felicia/rogue set up to onegai, dont really care who you are anyone will be hurting badly from that. i just gotta make sure i dont recklessly tag her though, but then again i can easily cover my mistake via sand super if they try to harm her.

rogue/commando would be quite deadly, but darn i need lots of practice with her, and i mean alot!

and if the opponent does the snap back to bring out commando, rougue can be quite handy for commando, rogue’s grab to captain c-sword isnt so bad (that or if its against the corner from grab to commandos kick supers wouldnt be so bad either) or after rogues grab i have a choice to hyper jump to try to re-position my self.

the only problem i see with this team is, its got a poor DHC. i mean when my felicia becomes badly hurt what am i gonna do throw a blind sand splash super, then do the rogue super :frowning:

sigh oh well, but ive been thinking about it, i think theis team should be quite forminable, now if i can just get henry to give me some pointers with rogue, itll be nice. (but i think all in all if i work on rogue this team has more promise than my usual felicia/ whatever/ doctor doom… poses a bigger threat, and ill have 2 rushers instead of 1)

and btw when i do talk to my friend, fine, ima ask him about that MSP card you want, or should i say MPS. :stuck_out_tongue: and oh yeah that guy, doesnt really pose much of a threat anymore, its just that we got alot better.

jeez man you really know what you are writing about all i do is come up with some stupid shit that dont make sense but anyway better make sure or ill keep bugging you for the mps card.
this is fuuny talking about msp and felicia and doom while we are in the black heart thread

oh yeah for anyone that is using phsyloke is there any resets with her i posted a reply in her thread but noone responded(except franx) to it so ill ask here. thnx

and no stupid resets like d.fp go on the other side and d.fp if thats what you are going to say then dont say anything. thnx again

you know what you might wanna ask dasrik, stiltman or vidness they are very helpful and they know what they are talking about, though im not too sure on how much knowledge they have on psylocke but then again, it never hurts to ask.

franx how can i talk to dasrik vidness and the other guy help me out here no one is responding to my psylocke thread cause most of these people are useless to help me out at least they can tell me that there is no such thing or something:o

i sent you a private message telling you to send me a private message earlier :mad:

oh yeah you can also find me at the general strategy talking about felicia. oh yeah ill be at the mall tommorow (monday) ill just bring the stuff i wanna show ya. oh yeah why dont you be more specific with your psylocke question? i mean like what do you mean by psylocke reset? kinda like ending your combo then stopping it to “reset” your combo into 0, then hit him and re launch him again just for style and to confuse your opponent?

i never really heard/use the term reset much so thats why i didnt know. some people here might not know that. might be the problem why you havent gotten a response. that or they might not just be proficient with psylocke :stuck_out_tongue:

i never got that message or i dont know how to use it

head to psylocke thread i posted some message to you ever there.