Black heart's air dash



i was playing on the ps2 against the computer (chun-li) she was against the corner and i was infront of her, and i normal jump backwards and fired a fierce demon, and air dash back… but unlike black hearts normal airdash he was moving really slooooooooow, until he reach the other side.

i tried it on training mode after wards, same thing from infront of the opponent whose against the corner i normal jumped back, fierce demon or strong demons and air dashed, and there goes the same sloooooow air dash.

i tried it from the other side, me in the corner and opponent on the other corner and i normal jumped forward, threw a fierce demon, and air dashed and i was moving really slow until i reached the opponent. (also keep in mind that the demons stay infront of me until i reach the opponent and dropped down from the air dash)

okay i can only seem to pull this off like 1/11 times, and most of the times he does his normal air dash, but sometime he does the reallly really really slow one.

what is the property(s) behind this?? one thing i am sure off is that this will be really handy for me.


This happens with most characters that have air dashes. I’ve specifically seen it with BH, Storm, and Magneto. To perform it you just have to sort of cancel their air dash really fast with a feirce punch or kick, causing the dash motion to continue while they’re doing the move. This makes them move slower, but have a floating effect that keeps them in the air longer and moves them further. This works great for BH when performing the BH/Doom trap against Cable. Simply call doom in cable’s face and jump up real fast to avoid AHVB. Then spew rh demons while canceling the forward air dash causing BH to float all the way to the other side of the screen where he can land with doom still holding cable with rocks. Then simply repeat. If you’re fast enough BH can most of the time get past a commando assist with this since it makes him go alittle further and not stay around the same area. This works really well with a runaway storm also, since it keeps her in the air longer allowing more meter to be built.


Yeah, I had a post on this several years ago, nobody seemed to understand what I was talking about. It’s hella easy, just tap the HP right after you hit PP. It’s VERY useful for making horizontal progress, something BH has a hard time with.


Doing FF in the air and pressing any attack button and then holding it down during the airdash, extends it also.


hmmm alright, thanks for the info you guys.