Black Israelite Street Preacher Makes Jewish Boy Cry


kid wasn’t ready for the real talk

haha, damn owned.

hiel hitler! lets give hitler a hand! you was robbing the germans! you was opressin the germans!

damn, that was harsh.

Representing the PHI, at least they didn’t shoot anybody.

On a side note I REALLY dislike the hatred that these cats peddle.

Thier page on youtube:

more real talk…

man this really has me thinking… when it comes to religion i don’t know what to believe…

haha, this is pure comedy, especially the part about black women.

lessons i’ve learned regarding black women.

  1. shut the hell up.

  2. cover up your damn behind.

This is real life bait :rofl::rofl:

Rumor has it he hates black women because his wife dumped him because he has small penis and he misses that behind.

Don’t you belong to WHITES ONLY?:tdown::lame:

If you think there are 30 white people on SRK you’re ignorant.

I know what you mean:confused:

im in the process of doing some research…

it’s best to ignore uneducated people like this. Stopping to argue with them just lowers yourself to their level, which is basically “moron”

Agreed. Why waste your time arguing with a fool, for to all those who look on will only see two fools arguing. I’ve experienced this when trying to convince discuss politics with my religious fundamentalist friends. From now on I’m like “fuck it, you can be as retarded as you want, ignorance is bliss afterall.”

awe man I lol’d.

But yea they look like a confused black man.



White girl seems to be another victim.

And why the israelites dressed like Jedis?

god damn. But Im black and I **DO NOT ** agree with him though.

im wit weezy but the vids are too funny.

yep. his points aren’t even correct. He should look up the tribes of Israel again.

I agree with some of his stuff on women…



these guys are hillarious!