Black Lightning - The TV series


Black Lightning recap…

Painkiller and Tobias are having a chess match. Tobias is pissed because Painkiller wasn’t watching Cyanide’s back like he was supposed to and bitch slaps him two or three times.

At the ASA, Lynn’s lab partner monitors the pods and one of them malfunctions and one of the pod people wakes up and blasts him killing him instantly. Another pod opens up and a girl comes out. Lynn and the other scientists come in and try to reason with her but she breaks thru the wall with some wind power.

Anissa is wearing some tight ass gym clothes…

The ASA arrested Issa, the young man from the first episode, and he’s hospitalized. Lynn brings his sister in and his powers kick in. She said she didn’t want to take care of some zombie from the dead.

Annisa is wearing a two piece bikini. She is also messing with a fine ass redbone shorty.

Jefferson and Meteor Man are having a convo and Jeff finds out that he’s being replaced by a white man.

Gambi, Jeff, and Anissa are tracking the girl who’s power is areokinesis (sp?).

Khalil (PainKiller) comes to see Jennifer, she pushes him off her roof and he jumps back up. He’s explaining to her his situation with Tobias. Her powers are trying to kick in so she tells him to leave.

Tobias meets up with one of his right hand men in a elderly home and tells him he’s getting into the arm dealing business. He ask him do he remember when they killed Jeff’s father. He says yes then he says to him that he’s a loose end in which Tobias breaks his neck.

BL and Thunder save a bunch of cops after “Rashida” starts wrecking havoc. Thunder enjoys the spotlight a little too much for BL’s liking.

Lynn brings Issa to dinner with the family. And basically his powers start to kick in and everyone starts to dig in on each other. He tells them that everytime he looks at people they tell him the truth. Jen calls Issa away and they go on the roof and talk about his powers.

Graces runs into Anissa at a party and she sees her with the redbone. Grace is looking good too.

Tobias meets with one of his contacts in the FPD and gets info from him…and then shoots him dead.

Gambi finds the girl with the wind powers, tell BL where she’s at and he battles with her and shocks her. He tells her that he knows someone who can help her.

Lynn talks to Issa and tells him that he had the metahuman gene but Greenlight did something to him and that his cells are breaking down and don’t have much longer to live unless a cure is found. He’s released back to his family.

Jeff and Anissa argue

Lynn puts the wind girl back in her pod.

Jeff tells the school at an assembly that he won’t be principal when the school opens back up. He then informs them that he will be a teacher at the school. One of the students stands up and yells “Where is the future?” to which Jefferson replies “Right here with me”. :sunglasses:


Man do lesbians really have it that easy when it comes to hooking up? I’m almost jealous of Thunder…

Oh and Agent Bill “You Know You Dun F****ed Up Right?” Duke practically got a boner at the thought of using a metahuman that compels suspects to tell the truth. No more guesswork during interrogations.


Annisa did Grace dirty. Judging from Grace’s reaction Annisa must have forgot to break things off when she hooked up with her current girl.


She basically never called back based on their conversation.


I got a feeling homegirl is going to do Anissa foul. She seems like a celebrity so you know hot that goes.


I get that impression too. Side note: Dat booty on Anissa though :flushed:


I watched the scene of Anissa and her girl at the pool many times.


I’ll drink to that!!!


Ok godDAMN lawd have mercy I’m getting caught up… episode 2, Jesus H. CHRIST!!! They’re hitting us with all THAT. Goddamn, man…

  • Legendary gorgeous singer ANDY ALLO is on.
  • She’s playing a lesbian…
  • hooked up with Anissa!
  • POOL SCENE. Oh my GOD.

This is almost too good to be true…the only way it could be better was if this was airing on late-night Cinemax! The MINUTE this season is on blu-ray it is BOUGHT, dammit. Words don’t even do it justice. I’ve kept tabs on Andy Allo for years, ever since first seeing her fine ass on G4 as a guest host. The girl is LEGEND.



^hell yeah… Andy is a goddamn 10 of 10s for me. Pure legend status. I’ve kept tabs on her facebook/instagram for years now. Sidenote–her music career has become a big deal, actually…she was considered Prince’s “protege” for a while and is quite talented; she actually worked with him (heh, I wonder if he got a piece of that at least 1 time…most likely yeah…it’s Prince we’re talking about)

There is probably nothing would be out of the question for me with that girl. I am not even sure just how far I’d go for that one.


Started watching S2 yesterday and just came here to see if people were talking about the boob-girl in the pool.

I honestly don’t even remember what else happened in that episode.


Check the two posts above yours man :rofl:


Yeah, that’s what I meant. Wasn’t surprised at all to see her mentioned here.


They really went all in on South part of South Freeland. I’m guessing Looker power don’t work on black people.


Looks like they are slowly bringing the Outsiders to the show…


Due to some prior engagements, I’ve been missing most of the season so far so I have to catch up on it but last night ep was good. Khalil got heart fighting Tobias but we knew he was going to take that L.


I know nothing about Freeland’s lore but this ish is getting kinda out there for me. I’ll just watch and see where this Hicktown, USA arc goes…


What I don’t get is there is a part of Freeland with super powered white people for 30 years and no one knew about it?


If Anissa’s experience is anything to go by then it seems anyone who was undesirable in the area got hit with the ‘It’s back the way you came from’ tech.