Black Lightning - The TV series


Yeah that “Wiln like ya kinda round hea boy” tech ain’t no joke.


Jennifer is going to become Lightning


You say that like it wasn’t obvious.


Well she lied to Khalil, she said she wasn’t cutting her hair for nobody :smirk:


Jennifer wasn’t fuckin around, didn’t know she had it in her to do what she did to Cutter (although she eventually saved her). Then gave her a swift boot to the face for her trouble😅


It’s dangerous to come between a black woman and her man.


So is anyone going to talk about Tobias celebrating the release of MK11 on last nights episode. I didn’t think you could do that on network TV. He must be a Sub-Zero main.



The final scene kinda pissed me off. Khalil need you to pick up the phone not pray for him.


Yeah they bowing their heads in prayer and Khalil is bleeding out in the middle of the street.


Black Lightning is an good, but not great series so far. I’m watching it & can’t wait to see the youngest daughter (Jenn Pierce) do some damage later in season 2.


Yea, that last scene was fucked up now that you mentioned. Nigga on the verge of death and they praying instead of seeking medical treatment :joy:




They brought back Lala using a DBZ style medical machine. Put Khalil in one of those things.


My favorite character is back again. Hope his stay is prolonged or permanent too


Damn, the season finale is next week already? Dammit!!! So they finally woke up the other metas. Was one of them Derrick Lewis? Also Jen starting to act like Jason Todd. Girl, slow your damn roll!!

Edit : Oh yeah, Lala wasn’t playing with ole’ girl.


I’m mad Tobias killed one of the pod kids in a fit of rage.

Season finale really next week? It feels like things are getting into gear. The teleporting guy from the midseason finale still hasn’t showed up yet.


Lala has my favorite arc goin right now. I’m sure he’ll end up sacrificing himself to kill Tobias. Gonna be sad to see him go (again)

EDIT: Tobias so racist, how he get away with the shit he says on a CW show? Lmao


I wish this show wasn’t on the CW so the showrunners can cut loose on his racism.


Yep, u know he’ll be droppin F bombs, N words and callin white ppl crackers & honkeys.:joy:


Not gonna lie, killing off that Urkel kid seemed like a waste of potentially good character. Also the Black Lightning family are getting way too cavalier with talking about their powers openly and even on the phone. With 3 metahumans in the family actively crime fighting they might as well put a target on their backs. I wonder what Agent Bill Duke has in store for them.


You know you done fucked up right?