Black Lightning - The TV series

Bill Duke seems to be protecting the Pierce family in his own twisted way, he killed everyone who knew their secret and hasn’t exposed the family yet. What purpose he actually has, good or bad remains to be seen

I agree about Todd. Killing him felt like a waste. I enjoyed how smug he was.

He could be protecting them from the Markovians who did try to kidnap Lynn and Jennifer’s therapist.


Part of me feels Bill Duke might be one of the baddies for next season. Also, I hope Lady Eve gets resurrected.


The guy who resurrects Lala need to have subtitles. I can barely make out what he says.


I was thinkin the same thing. The actor layin it on too thick

You can’t hang wit ole’ Eddie Kane!!!

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Jennifer gonna be the one to tell Bill Duke he dun fucked up come next season.

It felt good watching Lynn beat the shit out of Jace.


Lynn was in “FTB” mode! I also liked when Lala rolled up and shot Heatstroke, went over to BL, said his peace, and then said your partner is in trouble.

I got to catch the finale!!

Nobody watchin this anymore? That namedrop in the finale…well he exists in this world too

EDIT: That reveal at the end…