Black Lightning - The TV series

Jefferson doesn’t seem like the type to request help from ppl outside of Freeland, he might ask Barry for help at most.

Ofcourse, that would be too convenient cuz the Markovia conflict would literally be wrapped up in seconds with Barry’s help…so it won’t happen :joy:

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Jill Scott this episode lawd

I’m hoping the actual Geoforce is Bradon dad.

Gravedigger is Captain America. He can out better than Isaiah Bradley


Well that’s a big bombshell for Jeff!!

If you had told me Wayne Brady would be my favorite character on this show years ago, I would’ve told you to gtfo my face. Dude killin it (literally) as Gravedigger

EDIT: Wow, that was a hell of a plot twist :open_mouth:


Chapelle showed us what Wayne was capable of. Someone finally took the ball and ran with it.


The plot twist was definitely unexpected. I didn’t think the story needs but I want to see where it goes.

No lie, I was expecting Khalil to bust in during the family dinner and wedding. Though he probably would have gotten wrecked if he tried. I don’t like how Painkiller is being treated like a split personality when it’s an OS. Someone put windows in Khalil so he can be fine.

I’m getting annoyed how often Lady Eve resurrection gets brought up and the show being cheeky about how that happened. Stop bring it up if you don’t want to explain it.

They explained it already. Everybody assumed Crisis bought Eve back, but Eddie Kane the weirdo doctor brought her back with science like he did Lala


Season Finale is on, and Gravedigger has microwave radiation powers now!!

SHIT!!! :flushed:





I heard he was leaving the show, and when that scene started I was like “nah fam. Maybe he’ll be hurt and have to go away for a while.” :pensive: Can we get Barry to F up the timeline again? Bring Henderson back by mistake or something. Side note: Am I the only one that is going to miss Dr. Jace. Yeah she was a cold blooded bitch, but her character was entertaining.


From the ending I was think GD might be Black Lightning’s Red Hood but seeing Khalil though…:joy:

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Everyone who died in this show never stay dead. Someone call up the doc who brought back Lala and Lady Eve so can get Henderson back.

Grace being in a coma is bullshit.

Since there’s really no new info on BL, I thought I would bless y’all with this…


February 8…


feb 8 lol

Fixed the typo…thanks.

Did it premiere on February 8th?

Woah, out of nowhere. I’m down

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Cool…even though I’m still not fine with Grace not being an Amazon like in the comics.

I do get why though…

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