Black Lightning - The TV series


lol this show just tryin to outblack blackish and luke cage


Concept is solid so i’ll give it a try. It’s just that suit looks helluva stupid!


It’s kinda hard to make comic book superhero costumes to look alright on a budget.


They made the Flash look decent, and that guy has the silliest costume ever.


The costume he wore during his younger years actually looks good. They should have stuck with it instead of the stupid looking armor one.


flash looks like they had a decent budget…this not so much.


Like I can see LEDs installed into someone’s cosplay, but obvious LEDs in a TV Show’s Super suit is stupid.
Even if the Superhero’s powers is electrical.

If the Suit honestly called for LEDs its one thing, but there nothing in Black Lighting that needed that many LEDs in a suit.
Even if the suit had tech, it maybe needed a few indicator lights, not to be more LEDs than Daff Punk.

Also the suit obviously foam rubber

Why is it this Fan Film has a better Black Lighting than CW does?


probably cause this feels more like someone owed someone a favor. this was really a random ass pick for a show. legends and black lightening are weird properties for cw to do. plenty of sure fire money makers they coulda used. i mean…WHERE THE FUCK IS CONSTANTINE??


Should’ve did a Static show instead runs away


they wanna introduce him if the show does well.


Tried it on NBC…didn’t work out.
I really enjoyed Constantine though…I was hoping it would continue on the CW.
At least the existing episodes are on the CW seed.


Constantine has had like three chances on TV and gotten bodied each time.

Yet somehow, they keep trying it when there’s already a successful version of Constantine called Supernatural…


Yeah…can’t even hate that notion.


That at least I hope they can get the costume right

Obviously you never read Constantine then. Sam and Dean is nowhere near John Constantine levels.

Constantine can cake walk shit that Sam and Dean has to run from, Constantine don’t just hunt demons, he go after angels and fey as well.
He regularly takes on shit that bodies like likes of Superman and Batman and gives two shits about it.


I know exactly what Constantine can do which is why a 1 for 1 translation to TV isn’t gonna work.

You’d have to make it more like Supernatural to fit TV, unless you’re giving the show a movie budget and HBO/Netflix levels of freedom.

Which is why Constantine hasn’t worked on TV… He’s too big for the medium.


Constantine didn’t work as they tried to put that shit on NBC on a stupid time slot for a new show.
They may as well stick it on CBS for all the care they gave it, and it got canceled faster than a show on Fox.

Plus the people who adapted the show didn’t really get the feel for Constantine at all, The Keanu Reeves Movie did a better job than that TV show.
And you don’t need a huge budget, you need is just time to respect and understand the source material.
Constantine make Supernatural look like Scooby Doo.


Three times that wasn’t a shitty NBC channel? A cross over episode don’t count. They didn’t put any real effort in trying to bring it back and make it work. If cw did its thing it would do well.


Can’t wait for this show. Hoping it delivers.