Black Lightning - The TV series


Looks like the asian Iris West



That costume is still hilariously terrible.


I want this show to succeed but i just can’t see it. Shit will probably be canned then BL will join the Legends


im still convinced someone was owed a favor. its like they wanna tank this shit on purpose so we never get to see static. Give me that shows budget and ill get you the most action packed series ever.


You act like it’s Inhumans terrible…


Yeah you’re right…

It could be Justice League Flash’s costume or Cyborg’s CGI effects.


dont worrry when he eventually and inevitebly crosses over to arroverse cisco will make him a much slicker one


I’m there!!!


This show has to tank really hard for the CW to not renew it. They are not cancel happy like other networks like Fox, NBC and CBS.


Thunder confirmed…


shitty cosplay continues


Seriously… Who is this costume designer, so that I may campaign for Hollywood to never employ them again?


I always assumed the Arrow/Flash/Supergirl shows all had the same costume designer.

EDIt - Colleen Atwood (Oscar Winner) did those but Black Lightnings is done by someone named Laura Jean Shannon


Because technically DC don’t own the rights to Static Shock, Static actually belongs to Milestone comics, and Milestone unfortunately gave DC publication rights to Static. DC will keep abusing the fuck out of Static so Milestone can’t get him back.


I enjoyed the first episode. China McClain has grew up. :lol:


I liked it too. Certainly different from the usual CW flair… Almost felt like a Marvel Netflix show at times.


Especially when Black Lightning finally suited back up and was using gang members as human shields.

There’s a lot of fine sistas on this show, lol.


oh yeah on the TnA front— niiiiice final scene of the one sister just having a t-shirt and…I guess panties? All I saw was the shirt and those LEGS. :sweat: Then…that woman in the blue dress!!! The body on that one :wow:

Problem I have with his suit is mainly the chest part… the big glowing lightning bolt design just looks silly to me. Also-- this is another case where the mask isn’t truly effective if we apply real-world thinking to it for a second… anyone looking at this guy in the suit would know that’s Mr. Pierce within 2 seconds of looking at his face and general body-build.

This is just a nitpick in general with typical superhero design though… lower part of the face is always exposed… B. Lightning’s situation is even worse since all he has is the visor part that doesn’t even fully obscure his eyes! …and some people don’t recognize that’s him? C’mon bruh… We’re seeing the same facial structure, facial hair, ears, haircut, etc. etc. etc. In real life, anyone seeing you in that “mask” and suit would be like instantly know it’s you and probably laugh. These heroes should take notes from Panther, Ironman… Spawn, etc…full face mask is the logical choice here.


Never really cared for this network since forever, but seeing reviews on the net before it aired here on the WC and the fact I needed a fix a month before Black Panther forced me to peep game.


IMO definitely a cringe-less display of blacks on network TV compared to that hot mess of ebola that was 24: Legacy. And ah mercy, the womenz… BL’s ASSistant., lawd help me

Only things that irked me about the pilot was the opening theme, when the fuck did Jack White completely X-Copy Zack de la Rocha, the fact I would’ve understood some “niggas” being dropped (verbally, heh), and in a good way, Cress Williams (BL) reminded me a lot of August Marks from Sons of Anarchy, especially the last season lol

Will be watching this every Tuesday til cheap Tuesday BP opening weekday :confused:


Black Lightning’s love interest in the blue dress, Oooooweee! I know this is CW where even the nerdy chicks are fine, but damn a high school with non-obese, hot, black chicks was certainly not my experience. My school had 2 or 3 fine black chicks tops, the rest were white, Asian, and Latina. I like this alternate reality better.

But back to the show, the central characters are fairly solid but the world feels rather cartoonish in terms of the random characters. All the gangsters and cops have baseline malicious intentions and short fuses. There’s not a lot of nuance, like Lala pulling a gun on a principal in broad daylight and gangsters running up in a high school with no issue. Oh and like @Million said the suit and mask are ridiculous, I’d rather he wear a shirt with a lightning bolt and a jacket than this getup. And the mask certainly isn’t fooling anybody.

But yeah, I’m still interested in seeing where this goes.