Black Lightning - The TV series


Don’t know about this TV version, but the comic version of Tobias Whale is basically Vitiligo Kingpin… a big ass pale brotha that’s 400 pounds of muscle… He is skilled at harpooning, though.


Caught the first episode, really good show am glad it aint following the bullshit CW laid out.


Damn this show is killing more black people than Tekken 7 did its roster

Kinda wished Jefferson had some type of facemask or something, very hard to suspend disbelief when the chief saw him Jiren up Lala and not notice that beard


They explain in the episode that he gives off some low-level interference with his powers to make his face appear blurry to people who look directly at him.

It’s flimsy, but at least they didn’t handwave it.


I dont seeing masks being an issue when justifying Superman so it shouldn’t matter now. I say just roll with it


oh yeah this episode must be recorded later… I was surprised they let us see THAT much of the 2 girls in bed! :wow: damnnnnn I wish CW magically turned into Cinemax right at that moment for about 5 minutes. Her girlfriend is hot as HELL.


Is it just me or did Lawanda seem to be too damn old to be Black Lightning’s student? She looked like she was either approaching her 40s or already there.

The younger sister’s new beau is being set up by the plot to be Ricky from “Boyz n the Hood”:

She’s going to put this dude in a position to get “got”.

And BL’s vice principal/ co-worker Miss New Booty is fiendin’ for him, he should just move on from his cranky, hypocritical ex-wife at this point. Even though we all know the saying, “Don’t shit where you eat” she could be a healthy exception.


I got to look at the episode again. I was under the assumption that BL and Lawanda were classmates. It’s fucked up she died the way she did. You have to be smarter than that as a parent. But because of it, BL doesn’t have anymore doubts if he should come out of retirement. Also, his ex-wife is annoying. :lol:


His ex-wife is on some Omega level bullshit about him hanging up his costume.

Speaking of Omega level…how is Black Lighting considered B and C tier level with his broken power level and abilities!!


I want to see Black Lightning just walk around the streets more often. He given the royal treatment for just showing up. The doorman and elevator guy had me dying.


I believe the reason BL is considered C-tier is the fact that he chooses to stay in his neighborhood and fight the corruption and danger there rather than outright everyday “vanilla” heroism. He turned down an offer to join the Justice League and prefers to work alone.

He’s actually pretty ridiculous power-wise, so it’s a good thing the show is keeping his abilities somewhat “grounded”.


He didn’t complete stay in his neighborhood. He was the Secretary of Education during Luthor’s presidency. There’s his tenure working under Batman as a member of the Outsiders.


I said “prefers to work alone”, not “always works alone”. Pierce is a complicated dude who follows his own sense of justice.

He worked with Batman because he respects him and sees him as a kindred spirit due to their history of tragedy. He worked with Luthor because he felt he could do more good working within the system rather outside it.

I do wonder if we’ll see some fellow Outsider appearances later on though…


I want to know what Gambi deal is. He can’t be a simple tailor with all the shit he’s providing. He must be working for Kingsman on the side.


How is this a CW show? It doesn’t follow any of their tropes…


its funny how in just 2 of these episodes beats and entire season of Iron fist… I just want a luke cage / black lightning team up.


oh yeah, and the pic white shadow just posted… there’s a good look at that RIDICULOUS side-profile on the girl in the blue dress…incredible form. :wow:

Yeah, first thing I thought of when seeing the daughter’s new love-interest…“ehhh yep… he’ll definitely die soon”…probably in just a few episodes from now; he’s all positive with hopes and dreams…and is a love-interest? YEP, he’s SO doomed. :lol:


Good second episode.

I feel the same about Lawandas age. The actress looked 40s so it was weird.
I bet theyll drag the exwife drama until the end of the season and then have him get with Kara aka Newbluebooty in Season 2.


I like how the sectary is leaving it open if he needs some “help”. Either way liking the second ep and how hardcore it’s getting on all the channels The CW.


Reverend Pinky wants to get his MLK on.

And ugh…teen romance angst!