Black Lightning - The TV series


Sees the talented sprinter kid with “hopes and dreams” gets shot and paralyzed from the waist down, thus also deprived a track and field scholarship and receiving sexual pleasure from his girlfriend and any other female for that matter.


At least now he’ll never spread foot fungus to innocent wombs #Kappa

The pacing of this episode reminded me of The Unit for some reason


I do like the show, but Gambi makes it RIDICULOUSLY HARD to suspend my disbelief. Dude is Alfred, Lucius Fox, and Giorgio Armani all rolled into one.


Well he is the God of Thunder.


Gambi works for Kingsman. It’s the only thing that makes sense.


Well he is a former hitman so him getting info easily isn’t all that farfetched.


Never gave a second thought to Gambi, dude is just some old guy that knows BLs secret, loving the show. Dont like the direction it taking with the daughters tho, not yet common give BL some time to flex before forcing the daughter bullshit on us its not even 1/16 as cool.


if this show last 2 seasons…with the world they built. they can def have static slide right into here. Have bang babies show up from the city over or something…maybe he splits his time between here and his home.


I could see a desperate Jill Scott hiring some metahuman muscle once Black Lightning defeats her lieutenant the Whale. That would be interesting.


This is random but I like how Gambi was an easter egg in Arkham Knight and one of Azrael’s test was on top of the Gambi’s Department store.


How tf is this a CW show? They do not pull punches, loving it so far. Liking Jefferson more than any of the main characters in DC shows.

And the leader of the 100 is terrifying, Tobias kinda pales in comparison so far despite being more dangerous


Her husband forced her to drive to their yearly retreat while he flew with his mistress on a plane. She clocked him with a champagne bottle and never looked back. Thus her ascension to the queen of the criminal underworld began.


We do not mention movies made by that misandric cake new on this forum. :angry:


That shower talk, though.

Am I the only one who wants Jeff to put on that old suit again? Just once? For old times’ sake?


I’m been enjoying Jefferson in his civilian identity more then his costumed one.


Jeff + Joe West when?


This show is too good

-Tobias in the cut like Noob Saibot

-Gambi[t] acting like he discovered Bitcoin before everyone else - WITH GUN IN TOW NO LESS - while not telling BL about his daughter’s “disturbance”

-Now I know why Jefferson’s last name is Pierce, even his V.P. friendzoning him while he’s already down

-Selfie KO needs to be in Injustice 3 (I2 Fighter Pack 4?)

-Jill Scott quickly becoming the black, non-trans version of Whiterose from Mr. Robot

-MAGA Man/Pats fan about to get decked next episode


Love Jefferson’s grin when his daughter said Black Lightning family would have his back. Eat shit Lynn.


He had the same one when found out Jennifer took down two girls. She only got grounded because her mom was there.


Jennifer being punished for defending herself against those girls was horseshit. While I can sympathize with her I find Lynn unlikable.

Gambi and Tobias having history is interesting. Gambi seems to be playing both sides or perhaps he use to. I’m curious if he’s connectted to missing meta kids.